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User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#101
From: stargazer1981 | #050
darkdragon_9600 posted...
This game lacks the charm and the cheese of the older games, trying to hard to be serious and edgy, but it's writing isn't good enough, so it just comes off as embarrassing.

Spoken like someone who's only read reviews and not actually played the game.

If ANYONE takes this game seriously, with its outlandish settings, characters, and painfully obvious intentionally crass dialogue, then they sort of missed the point.

Complaints about gameplay? Can't help ya there. I played the originals, and while they're great action games, I don't invest all my time, energy, and wherewithal into mastering them. I enjoy them for what they are, same with this game.

Wait so you're telling me (SPOILERS):

1- The scene where Vergil shoots Mundus' baby, we get a close up on Lilith's face, and then she dies, and we see Mundus getting angry, and later we see him mourning over his baby wasn't meant to be serious?

2- That the beggining of Mission 2, where Donte and Vergil keep talking about their past, Donte remembering his mother's death, Kat remembering that she was attacked by her dad, the social commentary on how the TV manipulates us and that if demons pop up all over the world we will hurry to Twitter instead of being scared of fighting wasn't meant to be serious?

3- The fact that Capcom stated they brought in Ninja Theory because of their "storytelling skillzzz" was for nothing, and we shouldn't take seriously the big number of cutscenes that have no reason to be there other than show the backstory?

4- That Tameem's claim of breaking the myth that videogame storylines aren't meant to be taken seriously actually means that we shouldn't take it seriously?

5- That even with all the mature themes this game brings in, the dialogue in completely serious scenes are meant to be light-hearted, even if there is no punchline or sarcasm whatsoever?

6- That I can believe the story sucks by reading reviews, even though reviews actually commend the story for being mature?

7- That despite the fact that on the 14th I actually discussed some things about the game, I simply read the reviews?

This is what you are saying, sir. Is this what we used to have on DMC? Abortions? Abusing parents? Social commentaries? Kids holding their dead mothers?

Your head is so deep into your ass you might even begin chewing gum you swallowed in first grade.
Can I haz cheezburger?

User Info: Malus_X6

4 years ago#102
From: omegaslash14 | #100
Malus_X6 posted...
From: SlaveBlade | #072
DuuuDe14 posted...
Slave cmon, you would honestly buy a game just to spite someone? That's kinda sad.

Well, you guys actually pushed me to preorder the game. So yeah, it's a game I want and hearing you guys complain so massively about it made me smile when I preordered. I hate whiners, plain and simple, but I can laugh at em too when I cause them to whine harder.

You find it sad? I don't.

Really? We PUSHED you? That's got to be THE dumbest reason I've ever heard, and believe me, I'm my many years stranded on this planet, I've heard some really dumb ones.

Ofc he had to be pushed to buy this game, its too crappy to get otherwise.

PSN: LordMalus
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