This game is a complete disappointment.

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User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#151
"This game disappointed me"


"This game has a ton of glitches"


seriously guys its ok. The game already had flaws then it added more glaring flaws. I just can't tolerate it. Even if it didn't happen to me. If a disc was making ps3s burst into flames and everyone was mad, I couldn't be like "yeah the games great!" Just because my ps3 didn't burst into flames...
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User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#152
Sony_7 posted...
Me: Taizuku... *Coughs blood* W-why!? You said... You said you enjoyed your play through!

Taizuku: I did. But then I saw the videos. Did you SEE those glitches? *Pulls out katana from my back* Heh. Looks like you won't get the chance... Pro scum!"

Me: I trusted you! *Wheeze* We trusted you! There was hope! We had a chance!

Taizuku: Baka! Look around you! Open your eyes! Look at the sales! There is no hope! There is no future! They do not exist!

Me: You're... You're wrong! As long as a Dante exists there will always be hope!

Pesmarga: What are you waiting for? Finish him! You know he is wrong. As long as there are winners there will always be losers, as long as Capcom exists there can be no peace. Remember what I taught you.

Taizuku: I don't take orders from you *fatally slashes me* or him either.

Me: Remember-- CUH! Remember.... your gamer way.... *dies*

Taizuku: You were always a fool. As long as Capcom and reboots exist there could never be peace or hope. The Ninja Theory system was broken all along. The gaming cycle must end on my terms...

I'm sorry brother...even you too..must fall! *single tear*
I'm sorry, I'm an infallible pro, and you're far too casul to beat me in anything. Desu~

User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#153
Love it
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User Info: Hvv0l24n9

4 years ago#154
Taikuzu, it's unfortunate that you feel this way and all...but you let someone else's glitch video alter your opinion? That guy actively seeks out glitches, and even then, he only really showed like 4(one being an alteration of the other). He just kept showing different scenarios of the same glitch. I'm sure there are more for those who choose to look or just so happens to trigger the circumstance, but still. If someone's actively trying to break a game, and he does so, how's that the game's fault?

And the Vergil glitch happened to me in DMC4. I know you say you don't like DMC4, but it was a technically sound game. Great gameplay and all, but it also had glitches. There's the Dreadnaught glitch that everyone knows. I once encountered a flying demon sword that went through walls and couldn't hurt me, you can uppercut a Blitz off of the stage in Bloody Palace(hence ending your run as it isn't dead, it's just gone, and your time will run out), Sanctus turned invisible on me, Echidna kept circling around me with her body completely motionless and wouldn't attack, and a couple of weeks ago I realized that if I depleted the frog boss' health while it's lures were out, he wouldn't come out and actually die. I could pull him out with Nero, but with Dante I was stuck. There's even more than that.

Even Bayonetta has glitches. The obvious Kilgore glitch which can net you waaay too many halos, combo points, and massive damage, an infinite item glitch, you can glitch some cutscenes, you can go off of the map like DmC(something you can do in MGR as well), a glitch where the bridge you jump off very slowly crashes into the wall...there's even a few glitches in DMC3 besides the now legit jump cancelling. It's just there was no vast negativity surrounding these games, so no one really actively sought out the glitches for the world to see.

I don't know, man. That's kind of weak. But hey, at least there was some fun to be had before someone else ruined it completely.
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User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#155
From: Taizuku | #005
ImYoungxD posted...
QQ. So much whining in this board.

Dude...the game's bad. Accept it.

At face value it's fine, but the game is flawed to the core.

It's built on an undesirable premise, with undesirable story and characters...and to top it off it has gameplay that doesn't live up to the name and glitches out the ass.

Well that's odd. I remember seeing you defending this game like your life depended on it before its release.

From: Taizuku | #017
Where'd you hear that? The only DMC I didn't like was 4, and that was Nero's part. I think they had crappy stories, and I hate Dante's character in 3 and 4, but the gameplay is absolutely fine.

Huh. Even though you're wrong about the stories being crappy and Dante being bad in 3, at least you're on the right track now I suppose.

From: HellFire-Bahamu | #036
Dark Souls? Completely bug ridden.

Bug-ridden? It has a few glitches here and there that might occur, but compare that to all the other games in your list and it amounts to basically nothing. It helps that it's also a wonderful game.

From: HellFire-Bahamu | #018
How is Vergil's Downfall a paid ending when it's free when you pre-order and epilogue's being a common practice for DLC these days?

What if you don't pre-order? You get a game with no ending. Ain't that great.

And just because Epilogue DLC is common (which it isn't really, but whatever), does that make it okay for this game to do it too? Are you that hell-bent on defending this game you're gonna pull the "Well everyone else is doing it!!" card? It's NOT okay to cut up a game into little pieces and releasing these as paid DLC.
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