How old is everyone?

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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#71
produner posted...
12 F***ing hundred years old!!F*** you!!

f*** YOU!!!
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User Info: lnoscopedJFK

4 years ago#72
dillpickle69 posted...
produner posted...
12 F***ing hundred years old!!F*** you!!

f*** YOU!!!


User Info: DiaNim

4 years ago#73
ZeroX91 posted...
DiaNim posted...
22, and I like DmC :3

I seem to recall you saying you were 23 You agin' in reverse? :p

Ever read Pandora Hearts? I guess I'm kinda like Jack, getting younger before restarting life

Nah, if I said 23, it was probably me typing too fast on my phone :P
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User Info: StrawHatLustig

4 years ago#74
23. I liked it. It was fun. Having fun is why I play video games
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User Info: kuroikazexx

4 years ago#75
24. I enjoyed it, a lot. Felt a bit guilty about it due to the whole Great Crapcom Betrayal thing, but, it was honestly a fun game. If they'd just made it an IP without shoehorning it into a DmC reboot, there probably wouldn't be a drop of hate for it in all honesty. I think the whole "Dante's personality" thing is overwrought, but so is the hate for it; the attitude leavens off to more or less Normal Dante after the first hour or two. Minus the cursing, of course.
This is good... Isn't it?

User Info: Garai

4 years ago#76

I hate it with a passion because I love gaming. NT took a huge dump on one of the most iconic series of video game history and if DmC is successful other developers might think that diluting the gameplay until it consists of "I pres butan and pretty ligts com out" and smearing edgy crap all over a franchise are totally good ideas.

The only new standard it will set is horrible writing in an AAA game and I seriously hope it's dead and forgotten like, let's say, Dragon Age 2 pretty soon.
"The problem with MMOs is that they are full of people."
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User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#77
26. I don't hate game, but I do hate Capcom and NT for their overblown self opinion. That's why I don't support Capcom anymore.

User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

4 years ago#78
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User Info: USF

4 years ago#79
I'm 29 and I'm totally against this reboot. I was very skeptical at the beginning but after giving the game a shot my biggest nightmare has come true. Thanks to NT one of my favorite series of all time bit the dust. I saw no good reason for a reboot, and one that ended up being a step back in pretty much every aspect of the game, especially the simplified combat. The awful voice acting, "Shakespearean" story and theme, uninteresting characters, and vomit inducing script didn't help the cause either.
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User Info: ABadNuffDude

4 years ago#80
Don't really like it at all but can respect those that do.
Mostly here for the DMC series/random talk more than the fighting since I rarely if ever engage in net battles as they feel like a complete waste of my time.
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