Does this game compare to DMC1 or 3?

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  3. Does this game compare to DMC1 or 3?

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#21
EzraGenesis posted...
If you want a good hack and slash, wait for MGR to come out

The boss fights look sweet.

User Info: Kirinrepose

4 years ago#22
DMC3 remains the pinnacle of the series for me. DmC is 2nd on my list. The things which these two games have in common is style and attitude which I feel 2 and 4 severely lack. I feel those two traits practically define Devil May Cry.

Just be prepared to know that DmC's gameplay system feels really watered down compared to past games.
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User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#23
ROFL, why are you asking such silly question, TC. Comparable to DMC 1, 3 or 4? No way. Probably slightly better than DMC2 but that's not saying much though.

User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#24
Spade59 posted...
Need to know if this game is worth even a rental.

Gameplay footage looks bad, reviewers say otherwise.

Reviewers, lol.

Game isn't bad but doesn't touch 1 & 3, and it's better than 4 only in that it's a more coherent package (DMC4 has much better gameplay though).

User Info: Spade59

4 years ago#25
Wasn't very fond of 4. Slightly better than DMC2 sounds terrible.

I'll probably skip this game. MGR should fill the void.
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User Info: sundet84

4 years ago#27
Pesmerga255 posted...
GradonTheFox posted...
It's hilarious and pathetic when a fanbase retorts a sequel they don't agree with because of it's changes with the worst game in the series. DmC is better than DMC2 in every way.

DMC2 has a better Dante.

you mean the silent TWO-FACE wannabe that lets a coin make his decison

User Info: sundet84

4 years ago#28
Spade59 posted...
Wasn't very fond of 4. Slightly better than DMC2 sounds terrible.

I'll probably skip this game. MGR should fill the void.

it`s allot better then 2. It`s on pair whit DMC 3, but the gameplay speed for rebelion is 0,2 seconds slower then in 3 fore a more realistic look. But ther are less combo moves. So if you always used every combo in DMC 3-4 You may be dicepointed. How ever you can use 5 mellea weapons at the same time instead of just 2

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#29
the way this game is heavily dependant on " jump and air glide " while exploring the levels ... it gives you thef eel its more ... Krashy , than it is a DMC game ...

L2+square >>> L2+square >>> L2+X >>>> R2+square >>>> L2+X

that's basically the way you'll navigate in alot of the levels but not entirely ...

someone refresh my mind if the old developer resorted to such exploration routines ...? my memory doesn't serve me well ...

User Info: demonfang178

4 years ago#30
Let's see, things DmC does better than DMC2.

- Plot. I can write a book on what's wrong with DMC2's plot.
- Characters, but not by too much.
- Transitions, oh lawd, transitions
- Bosses, at least as a whole. The prisoner, the ape, the dude with the wolves, and the Despair probably put a lot most of DmC's to shame.
- Enemies. Say what you about pathos(es?), but they still better than the harpies
- Level design that isn't empty, narrow, and drawn out.
- Actually has a movelist beyond shoot, stinger, high time, and helm breaker
- Combat flow. In DMC2, you can't even high time an enemy, shoot them, and then helm breaker them. Hell, some enemies you can't even high time and then air combo because hit boxes are crap.
- In DMC2, you can get S style rank and then just fire the guns and the style meter won't decrease and you'll still get max orbs. DmC at least makes you work a little.
- Puzzles beyond just whack something enough times
- Lawls. DmC at least has lines that have you chuckle in you head. DMC2 just has you shaking your head.
- Speaking of which, voice acting. Everyone not named Aruis and Granny have absolute no soul in their delivery. Which is an acomplishment because everyone probably has less than twenty lines.
- Isn't as boring as Lucia's missions.

Only area I will outright say DMC2 does better is music. I am anti and even I would never say DMC2 >DmC. In fact, I am issuing a challenge: anyone who legitimately believes DMC2 > DmC, pop it in from HD Collection (you have it, we know you do), play it to completion (yeah, that includes Lucia's), and list what makes it better. If not, never bring it up again.
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