Why are antis still here?

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User Info: Detha

5 years ago#31
FireMage7777 posted...
Pesmerga255 posted...
TC seems like he's butthurt.
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User Info: Undead_Yakuza

5 years ago#32
Pesmerga255 posted...
Undead_Yakuza posted...
I swear, if you guys start polluting the Ni No Kuni board in the same fashion, I will lose my s***.

Hasn't that already happened? You seem pretty unbalanced pretty much every time you post.

Unbalanced? Just friendly jest.

User Info: Capitan_Kid

5 years ago#33
Well tc some people have nothing better to do than post on boards of games they don't like. I pity em

User Info: SwimmingToaster

5 years ago#34
I don't like the game, and like to voice my opposition to it.

That's totally allowed. This isn't a hugbox for people with horrible taste.
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#35
Green_Puff posted...
This board fills their dark souls with LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT Yagami.

*has heart attack*
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User Info: lokithefool

5 years ago#36
FireMage7777 posted...
Pesmerga255 posted...
TC seems like he's butthurt.

I second this motion.

User Info: DaGr1nCh

5 years ago#37
Nolax posted...
They are here because.....well, they like to hang around boards of games they don't like, in other words super trolls who have nothing better to do.

I'd go with this. It's fine not to like a game but when you peruse the boards 24/7 just to post negative comments every time someone posts something positive, that says a lot about you as a person. And it isn't anything good. Don't you all just get tired expending the amount of energy it takes to hate just because?
"It's only after you've lost everything that you are truly free to do anything." - Tyler Durden

User Info: Blackmarvel79

5 years ago#38
Most of the antis have nothing better to do since obviously they dont have a new game to play. So they come here. But most of the people who dont like the game dont rant its just a few people who are really bitter about the direction and feel the game should be catered to them.
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User Info: RedShadowww

5 years ago#39
SparNar607 posted...
I-It's not like we like this game or anything!

I lol'd.

User Info: Darksta

5 years ago#40
Quote:Pesmerga255 posted...
TC seems like he's butthurt.


Fire Mage I agree with your sig. But did the manga ever say how heavy Klangite is?

I mean come on. They could destroy planets in their base form. Ssj4 had enough power to wipe out all existence in the universe (by blowing up said universe).
I'm a Christian. I play Diablo 3 and one of my favorite video game characters is the Lich King from Warcraft. Deal with it.
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