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User Info: BlacknGold86

4 years ago#111
Newave posted...
ResidentGear31 posted...
2 is better then 3? Thats like saying the world is flat and not round.

Not just better, it blows 3/3.5 completely away.

What 2 lets you do and gives you:
You get to play as the more mature Dante in comparison to the most annoying childish unlikable brat ever in 3/3.5.
You get to play as Lucia, the by far best female character in the series and second best playable character after Nero, still better character personality wise than Nero but Nero does have better moves thanks to having everything Dante has plus the god hand which is just awesome.
You get to fight a monster skyscraper as a boss.
No Virgil.
You get to fly when it devil trigger mode.


What 3/3.5 lets you do and gives you:
Literally nothing that the first game didn't do a lot better and more of.
That's it, it's like a bad version of the first game.
Nothing more to say, stop reading.
3/3.5 sucks.
Still a billion times better than DmC, but that's literally just summing up every game ever made, DMC3/3.5 just happens to be one of every game ever made that isn't DmC.

Not sure if srs

Also, I'm playing DMC1 again... Besides the difficulty, the atmosphere is also top notch IMO. Home of Guess the Game, WWE general, The .gif bank and other random topics. Come create one today, or no cookies :)

User Info: Chrono_teeth

4 years ago#112

DMC1 > DMC3 > DmC = DMC4 >>>>>>>>>>>> DMC2


DMC3 > DmC > DMC4 > DMC1 > DMC2
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