If you buy this game, you are killing old Dante

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User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

4 years ago#41
Jokerz_Wildcard posted...
KA_ME_HA_ME_HA posted...
Jokerz_Wildcard posted...
syctheweilder posted...
Jokerz_Wildcard posted...
So not buying it is gonna give Capcom the money to make a new game huh?
The world must be so beautiful in your eyes

It's a catch 22. Support the game and get more of this schlock, or reject it and never see anything from it again.

I'd rather it be dead and buried than have it's disfigured corpse propped up on a stick, thank you.

So you're gonna let the people who enjoy this game suffer?
Pretty selfish.
Oh and it won't die, from the amounts of copies sold around here (barely any copies left anywhere), the game seems like it's selling a lot.
People fail to use logic, look at games like CoD, millions oppose it, but still it sells amazingly.
Either accept it or don't, either way its gonna happen.

It's selling near you? That's weird... My local Gamestop only sold about 4 copies since it was released (one was returned as well). My local Bestbuy also had shelves full of it...

It's also really low on the amazon Best Seller's list (it's almost off the list entirely).

So far, sales aren't looking great for this game.

Its on the best sellers list, isn't that already an amazing feat?
Oh no, I guess it has to be number 1 eh?
And I live in a big city.
A really big one, New York City to be exact.
And I have like 20 game stores within a few miles of me, hence why I've come to the conclusion that the game must be selling well.

It's actually not a big feat... hell, most games are on there the week of their release. It's just that the popular ones last a little longer. The HD collection is still in the top 50 last time I checked, DmC is 75th and 82nd respectively. The fact that it dropped so fast (it was in the top 50 for a little while) is a bad sign for sales.

In the end, it still won't reach Capcom's 2 million. Every day my prediction seems more accurate...

User Info: JigokuNoBanken

4 years ago#42
I think Capcom should have saved Nero for Sequel and made him Dante's son in that. Starting a new generation with Mundus attempting to return once more. Remember the line in DMC1? 'Goodbye. And when you do come back, give my regards to my son, will ya.' Would have been cool if they continued it like that.

User Info: SiLVeR_420

4 years ago#43
DJ_0000 posted...
SiLVeR_420 posted...
DJ_0000 posted...
Considering I like the new one better, good. I'd miss Nero if they didn't make another one though.

Good thing they were setting Nero up to take the reins after they were through with Dantes story then huh?

If they make a new DMC after this Dante is guaranteed to be playable, I don't want to play as old Dante anymore, the fact that I have to play as him in DMC4 ruins the game for me. With the knowledge that Nero is never going to get a game of his own I don't care if Old Dante is dead.

DMC5 could be a send off for Dante. They'd just have to make it a great send off.
Then the DMCs after Nero Is the main.
Gamertag- youngSiLVeRstar
Forgive the name.

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#44
TC, grow up.
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User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#45
I haven't dabbled much in the DMC universe period, but I've seen a decent enough of both Old Dante and New Dante, and I much prefer the new him.

Granted, I've only had a views of New Dante through the Demo for the new game and through PSASBR.

Oh and I also personally think he's personally more attractive in his new form compared to his old form.
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User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#46
People in this topic make me do damn glad that DmC will never be getting a sequel.
"The great thing about the internet is you can make up a quote and claim somebody famous said it." ---George Washington.

User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#47
People don't care about sentimental value over a series. They only care about what entertains them. It could matter less what game it is.
The Official Sons of Sparda of all GameFaqs boards.
I shall forever be sitting in Dante's chair. Till the day he returns to us.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#48
kakashi421 posted...
dante was never alive. move on dont be stuck in the past. its only a game.
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User Info: Jokerz_Wildcard

4 years ago#49
So the sales from a single website show how a game is selling overall?
Sounds legit.

Hey, wanna hear something fun?
"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson was initially released to an extremely negative reception,
People were sickened by the plot and detested it entirely. People canceled their subscriptions to the magazine (the New Yorker) and the author received many letters from upset readers.
Now it is accepted as a great piece of literature, you know why?
Figure it out for yourself, put the pieces together.

User Info: TrappedInLimbo

4 years ago#50
I put the nail in the coffin. The new Dante is badass.
Assumptions aren't facts, opinions aren't facts.
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