Should I buy this game at full price? Never played a DmC game before...

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  3. Should I buy this game at full price? Never played a DmC game before...

User Info: Scarecrow1711

5 years ago#1
This game looks awesome. I watched the Bob Bardas boss fight video and now I'm instantly interested in this. Problem is I can't just go around buy every game I want for $60.
I was planning on buying Tales of Xillia along with Tomb Raider(either this or Last of Us, GTA V, or Bioshock Infinite. Can't make up my mind) but I can wait for any of those games. Should I get DmC now or wait for a price drop?
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User Info: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA

5 years ago#2
You could just rent it first...

User Info: BkzUzi

5 years ago#3
Price drop or try out the demo and see if it's worth it.

User Info: FrostDancer289

5 years ago#4
If possible, rent it first. If you like it after renting it, then go ahead and buy it and if ya don't, then you just saved yourself some money by not buying a game you didn't enjoy when ya rented it.

User Info: Xtreme65

5 years ago#5
Its good but the older games (besides 2) are better. Think of this as a good entry point before trying out the more difficult games.
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User Info: ZeroX91

5 years ago#6
The story is only about 8 hours for average players, if that factors into it any for you. I would say wait for the price drop but since you have no attachment to the previous series just play the demo and decide for yourself.
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User Info: megaultrarice34

5 years ago#7
No, but if you really insist on buying the game I would suggest purchasing it used.
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User Info: Moegitto

5 years ago#8
Didn't buy it all, I rented it from Gamefly. Just beat it and I'm on my way to the mailbox to mail it back in. Had to beat it before Ni No Kuni came out Tuesday...
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User Info: OZLDIAC

5 years ago#9
buy the HD collection first...definitely worth the price than this at $60...was able to buy this game at price equivalent to $45, though. it was even packaged with a free cellphone case...and the phone it goes to is worth $500. LOL

User Info: DevilTears604

5 years ago#10
I'm loving it so far. I haven't had a lot of time to play it between work, school, and the old lady, but it's really fun, I think. And the Vergil's Downfall and Bloody Palace DLC will make it even more fun.

I'm with you though, TC. I was interested in the game to begin with, but the Bob Barbas fight was the point where I said, "Yup, I'm getting this game!"
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  3. Should I buy this game at full price? Never played a DmC game before...

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