Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

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  3. Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

User Info: Vault_Zero

4 years ago#11
The 328 hours on my Save Game says I enjoyed it.
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User Info: AlexxShadenk777

4 years ago#12
No I did not enjoy it much, it had far too many flaws. Far too many.
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User Info: smithkakarot

4 years ago#13
SHMYazoo posted...
smithkakarot posted...
Yeah, it's my second fave after 3. And I DO like DMC2 more than DmC.

Could you elaborate on why you like DMC2 more than DmC? I seriously can't see why, it always sounds like trolling to me.

If you're not trolling, I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion.

Some of it is admittedly aesthetic (<3 Dante's outfit) but I always thought DMC2 was all right.
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User Info: OZLDIAC

4 years ago#14
Yep, felt the same way about DMC4...it completely deviated from the series due to Dante being the supporting actor, but once you get to know Nero, and his playstyle...it turned out ok for me.

And i am treating DmCs "new" guy the same way as I have Nero...with an open-mind.

User Info: OZLDIAC

4 years ago#15
SHMYazoo posted...
TearsfoUniverse posted...
but all the DMCs had backtracking, I don't understand why everyone complains about it that much. anyways I enjoyed 4 very much

It had much more backtrack than the others. Or at the very least it didn't hide as well as the others.

Backtracking in DMC4 was ok because...you get to fight the bosses using 2 different playstyles.

User Info: NephilimDante

4 years ago#16
As Nero, I enjoyed it, yeah. As Dante, no.
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User Info: Megiddo_Flare

4 years ago#17
It did disappoint me a good deal. The biggest being that Nero's characterization was unfinished and not getting any new weapons. Once you understand how to Instant Rev (and subsequently MAX-Act) while holding Charge Shots, you really start feeling the skill ceiling with him, but at least Nero had a very nice assortment of moves so that it didn't feel too repetitive. Thankfully, Dante came in with his on-the-fly Style switching and made it all better.

Story was pretty lacking obviously and the back-tracking totally screamed rushed. No alt costumes aside from Super forms, a freaking time limit for Bloody Palace and Proud Souls being used for buying moves also really irritated me. In the end, I still S ranked every mission and did all of the achievements though.

User Info: Detha

4 years ago#18
It was a disappointment, but still a good and fun game. It just wasn't the next step after DMC3, it felt. Nero felt superfluous as gameplay. Buster could have been a Devil Arm or a style in vein of quicksilver and doppleganger. It just felt like a bit of a rehash. Exceed was cool, but it wasn't -new character- cool.

Backtracking was lame.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
4 years ago#19
Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

Damn straight.

Devil Bringing stunned bosses with DB > Anything in DmC
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User Info: Thryhring

4 years ago#20
Loved the first half but really didn't like the second, myself.
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