Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

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  3. Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#51
FireMage7777 posted...
DMC4 is amazing. People overuse the backtracking complaint too much as its barely even 25% of the game

yup,that right.
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User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#52
FireMage7777 posted...
DMC4 is amazing. People overuse the backtracking complaint too much as its barely even 25% of the game

Dat Exceed.

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#53
Other than the deep gameplay (and by deep I mean the gameplay was only fully accessible to serious pros), it sucked.

It had a dumb story, it had too few weapons, it was one game split in half to reuse all the resources (which I hated). I have no issue with Nero, his DB was cool. Dante's half of the game is what really let me down. I didn't like the bosses either overall.

It was just a disappointing game. I like this new DmC much more so far. DMC3 is probably still the best in the series in most aspects, but this new one is fresh and does some things I really like too.
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User Info: TirMcDohl

4 years ago#54
SHMYazoo posted...
I mean, the game was a backtrack fest, had you controlling a character other than Dante (that played differently from Dante) for half the game... and these are just the facts about it.

Regarding (my) opinions, I'd say its story was uninteresting at best, characters didn't develop through the story, soundtrack was generic modern metal that tried to emulate the amazing soundtrack of DMC3 and the level design was bad, except for a few areas, like the beginning. The only redeemable aspect of DMC4 is the gameplay, but even then, DMC3 had better gameplay as well. Why would you play DMC4 if you had DMC3 at your hand?

DMC4 left me with a bitter taste, specially since DMC3 was its predecessor.

Also, let's be honest, people that say DMC2 is better than DmC are just trolls, we can agree with that, right? I could also argue that DmC is better than DMC1 but I can't ignore it's historical importance to the genre and for being the first one in the franchise.

not really, I enjoyed all the original DMC series, yes , even 2. Its still a little bit better than this game made by hipster from england.
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User Info: RikusTwilight

4 years ago#55
DMC4 was utterly boring.

I liked Nero, but seriously the combat was slow, the levels were very repetitive and having to re-do them all as Dante just didn't add a single ounce of fun into the game.

After having played it on all the various difficulties and bloody palace, I easily ploughed over 70 hours into the game and trust me, while it was fun at first I quickly moved on to Bayonetta which is so much better

User Info: ClericIdola

4 years ago#56
After this game and Bayonetta, you really begin to see just how slow Nero and Dante move while on foot... >_<
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User Info: SirenaLoreley

4 years ago#57
If I enjoyed DMC4...? Totally yes. Even if Dante wasn't the main protagonist and it had a lot of backtracking, the game was rewarding. And even in the backtracking was good, because you got the chance to kill a certain boss with a completely differerent character and a totally new strategy.
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User Info: Mista_Klutch

4 years ago#58
I don't hate DmC or think it's a TERRIBLE game, but holy ****. I LOVED me some DMC 4. It was my first full DMC experience mind you (I only dabbled in the original), but holy ****.

Nero was pretty cool, as evidenced by him german suplexing specific angels in DMC 4. S/O to Kurt Angle.

But Dante, to me, made that game what it was. I'm basing this almost solely off of Dante's combat. Everything was just.......ridiculous. AMAZING. Specifically, Dreadnaut + Devil Trigger = gtfo of my got damn way, preciate it. Dante's style and weapon switching on the fly was the reason I beat the game on 4 different difficulties and logged DAYS in the Bloody Palace.
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User Info: vgplaya89

4 years ago#59
the game fell off hard once you started playing as Dante.
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User Info: EzraGenesis

4 years ago#60
DMC4 was the worst DMC game to me, next to 2. Sure all the DMCs had backtracking, but 1, 2, and 3 switched it up a little, not exactly putting you in the exact same areas. DMC4 doesn't even try to hide it. You just literally go from point A to P, then from P back to A, and then finally Q to Z. It was stupid and lazy.

I also don't care what anyone says, DMC4 to me only sold well because it was on PS3, 360, and PC, instead of just one console. After the low point that was DMC4, this game is just the nail in the coffin.
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  3. Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

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