Which would you rather have next: DmC2 or DMC5? (POLL)

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User Info: largerock

4 years ago#241
Put the disco into the os
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User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#242
This poll shows that nearly 3/4 of People want DMC5 over DmC.

DmC sold like what, 600k? So if Capcom were smart and released DMC5 it would sell nearly 3 times as much. about 1.6~1.8 million by now.

These are just guesses based on the poll, don't quote me on that.
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User Info: w0 0t

w0 0t
4 years ago#243
5. Especially if it explains Nero & continues from where DMC2 left off.

VD ruined DmC even further
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User Info: Werndan101

4 years ago#244
I want one last prequel for Dante's descent into depression leading up to DMC2.
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User Info: NessaJ_TuN

4 years ago#245
>You forgot a word to make this flow naturally.

Damn right I care:).


Yep SKnoob, I can teach how to improve your game and become SKpro. Of course, if you willing to do it. I hope the requirement it's not 2hardcore4u

>You're having a child? How far along are you?


>What makes you think we're not one in the same, son?

Sounds like you regret being born in your family and now you start dreaming having different family, correct? oh my, I feel bad for you, please don't give up on life.

>Or just dramatic enough?

Nah its not enough, considering you have been nitpicking every single bit of grammar and word mistake against other people that argued with you, I would say that word is very suitable for your kind.

>Pass what? Passed out during lessons? Passed on the offer to learn the language of business?

You try to be funny boy? it called EAC(College English)

>What does this have to do with the statement in question? You claimed you would be able to learn the ropes before returning in the small time frame listed. I cast doubt on this appraisal.

bla, bla, bla, next.

>Why would I have such a desire?

Uum, you know the answer right? okay let me tell you the answer then. Because you are a noob gamer that seeking attention in gamefaqs and you're sad that nobody actually pay attention to your garbage talent, that's why you keep imagining things about having student and stuff, when the reality is you have none. Yep pretty funny story indeed XD.

>Come now. You know it to be true. You even admitted it. Why are you so put off by this? It's nothing to be ashamed of. If you are though, let teacher help you.

I admitted it? lmao. Come on now, you have been putting words in my mouth every single time. You act so desperate to get my attention, seriously dude be proud of your garbage somewhere else.

>It's unimportant that you understand the reference. Just that you learn the ropes from yours truly.


> hope you're not going on about text-based emoticons again. This is a strange one.

Exactly you are a noob. You don't even know what KDr is, here KDr(kill death ratio). Now beat my 3.6 KDr in resistance 3, then come back to me, before that, please don't bother your master. thx for your attention.

On the side note, I don't want to lose karma anymore and being warned, therefore, welcome to my ignore list big nooba.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#246
Nut: >Damn right I care
You forgot the comma.

>text-based emoticon to end sentence
Nut, pls.

>offers lessons
>promptly denotes intent to not converse any longer
Your words are insincere. You tell a lie. Your character is in question, sir. A man is only as good as his word. Yours is devoid of value. What does this make of you, son? Be like teacher. Have class.

You said you were having a child. Your belly swells, yes?

>please don't give up on life
Doesn't sound like what you wish to say. Let it all out, sport. *offers, big, broad shoulders* I can stand to go with a damp shirt for a bit.

>not enough
Not what you said before.

Come now. That's not true at all. Absolutes are absolutely tricky business. Remember this lesson well, friend.

>that argue with me
Just them? You know that isn't so. You treat the aid as if it were a disservice and a slight. Most curious. You have a bully complex? You imagine attacks where there are none.

>my kind
That would be?

>it called
The starts of sentences begin with this. Can you guess what it is?

NOTE: Sentences end with this. What could it be that you forgot?

So you concede. Noted.

>seeking attention
What? Explain yourself.

>my talent
You say the sweetest things.

>have none
Nonsense. I'm speaking with one right now. He's learning his lessons well (though with clenched fist, gnashing teeth, teary eyes, flushed face, etc.). Anger is the regression to a child-like state. It's almost cute. But mind well that you are to master these emotions. They are not manly nor appropriate for the adult world of civilized society.

>be proud
Sure thing.

Your actions and words are not in agreement. Most curious.

>words in your mouth
If only it were so. Maybe then you would be effectively communicating.

>so desperate
Yet you came to me for aid. Why deny it? Why else would you have recently dropped by the GoW:A board? Surely you sought my council. It's not as unusual as you might imagine. Not for a vet among vets like me.

That's not denoting an action. You blew it.

You forgot the comma.

What's all this now?

>kill death ratio
You called it "K/D" before. Not "KD". Do keep up.

>now beat
I already won. I didn't play a trash MP. Consoles aren't best suited for this, son. Especially not for FPS.

>Resistance 3
Terrible. R:FoM is decent. Play that. I'll teach you.

This isn't your blog, boy-o.

>doesn't want to lose karma anymore
>continues to violate terms with talk of ignore
Stop blaming others for your mistakes. You agreed to the terms. Read them and honor them for the service freely given by CNET.

NOTE: On a scale of 1 to 10, how Warned were you?

>ignore list
You can't ignore my girth, Ash. And welcome back to the GoW boards. Daddy GMG will teach you good and proper.

What? Now then, if you're quite done with the blubbering, give me some sugar. Don't think I don't see how you undress me with your eyes. Just remember. It's forbidden love. I'm your teacher.

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#247
I forgot how goddamn ****ing annoying starkiller was. Learn to quote properly or use italics for god's sake.
Frank Zappa is God. Fact.
King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?!

User Info: NessaJ_TuN

4 years ago#248
Rising_shadow posted...
I forgot how goddamn ****ing annoying starkiller was. Learn to quote properly or use italics for god's sake.

He keep stalking me man, good thing I ignored him and he seems super mad too.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#249
>taking the Lord's name in vain
Heretic, pls.

You can say the first letter. I won't tell on you.

He doesn't post here (also, proper nouns).

I don't quote.

>use italics
Or alt.font.

>god's sake
Which god? You don't denote it.

NOTE: Get on my level, Chad.

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#250
Heretic my ass. I worship on the church of the yellow king, you proto amoeba who doesn't even know his ultimate fate of being digested in the wake of a dead god's awakening.
Frank Zappa is God. Fact.
King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?!
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