DmC sold 1/2 of DMC4 in Japan first week and 1/3 of DMC4 in UK first week

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User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#121
From: rockman11_z | Posted: 1/23/2013 5:15:31 PM | #120
Rising_shadow posted...
Profit does not equal success. A game needs to do more than break even to be successful. A million units isn't that much. The projected sales were 2 million for the first week. That's not to say that's the breaking even point but that's the projected sales needed for a real success on the Capcom scale.

What other factors that are needed to warrant success?
I'm just curious. Talk to me.

How much went into the production and stuff.

Unreal Engine may not be cheap, I dunno. NT was paid upfront. They're using some top-notch motion capture tech, so that may be expensive. The game got plenty of advertising. Voice actors need money too.

All of that is factored in it.
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User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#122
What other factors that are needed to warrant success?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there's a budget for materials and resources used in production, things like the engine are licensed. Second, you've got paychecks. A development team can number a 100 people easily and not of all of them are payed equally. Third, you've got a budget for marketing. Marketing isn't cheap. The game was advertised on multiple sites and magazines. And fourth, you've got production costs, paper printing, ink, disks, cases, paying the companies doing this et all.
If you can earn a few million after all this is done with, you've got a success. If you're breaking even or not doing at least a million in profit, you just bombed. Because you may have turned a profit but that doesn't mean anything if you didn't make enough of one. That's the sales projections. More than just turning a profit, sales means you've got a fanbase wanting to come back for more of what you can do.
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User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#123
gamer6879403333 posted...
Thinking that Capcom will actually continue DMC5 if this fails (it will just make them drop DMC in any form altogether)?

Yes, Capcom themselves said that after the release of DmC they'll decide which series continue. What do you think they meant? That if DmC is successful they'll abandon it? Get a clue. DMC is their 4th best selling IP and the backlash started day one, if DmC bombs they'll try at least once more before declaring DMC dead.

User Info: markyhobo666

4 years ago#124
Just to get some numbers out there for comparison:
DMC4 2.6 million
DMC 2.16 million
DMC2 1.7 million
DMC3 1.3 million (not including SE)
The link I got those numbers from. I believe they are lifetime sales rather than shipped, but I could be mistaken.

Lifetime wise, the game might be able to reach DMC3 sales numbers which was hurt by DMC2 in the long run. From the looks of it, fans are speaking with their wallets as evidenced by the surge of DMC HD collection sales as well.

User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#125
gamer6879403333 posted...
rockman11_z posted...
If it reaches 1 mil, is that succesful?

A million is definitely a success. It's the benchmark, if a game reached it then it was a success. Most of the time. Games with ridiculously high production costs have to sell a little more then that. But for a typical game with typical costs like DmC? A million is a profit.

You kidding me? One million sales and you considered it a success? Then what's the point of rebooting the series in the first place? Think before you type, seriously.

User Info: Sony_7

4 years ago#126
gamer6879403333 posted...
AFreeby posted...
Which is called expressing out opinion. The same things pros did as well, but it seems more people were upset with this reboot than happy about. You can't be upset with people for telling others how they feel about a game.

Pros didn't meta-bomb metacritic with positive reviews. Pros don't go to every Youtube video by the dozen to spread how awesome the game is. Pros didn't literally take over a Gamefaqs message board. You did more then express your opinions, antis, you went everywhere like a freaking Jehovah's Witness to spread the word about how terrible you thought the game was to anyone and everyone you could.

That's not expressing an opinion, that is campaigning.

gamer6879403333 posted...
fifinambo posted...
The only action we took was not to buy the game. Were we supposed to buy a game we didn't like just so a series we all personally think is complete dreck can continue?

Stop whining.

No, you did far more then that. Antis spread around how terrible the game was like a freaking campaign. You spread your hate for it to Youtube, all over this board, all over... EVERYWHERE, meta-bombed it too. Like I said in another thread, you went out of your way to spread via word-of-mouth how awful it is, which scared everyone else off from the game.

You didn't just not buy it and move on, antis didn't buy it and then went on a crusade to make damn certain the game did badly.

Note that I don't actually mean anyone specifically in here. I mean antis as a whole. Saying that now before someone says "well I didn't do any of that personally" and thinks it's a good point.

Wow fantastic posts. Sums up why I think the anti movement is just wrong and people like the Forbes guy have it all wrong.
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User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#127
markyhobo666 posted...
The link I got those numbers from. I believe they are lifetime sales rather than shipped, but I could be mistaken.

Iifetime sales of the initial release. They don't take into account Greatest Hits/Platinum re-releases, ports done at a later date and so on.

User Info: darksolzero

4 years ago#128
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Change happens, accept it and just move onto something else.

User Info: deathpapaya

4 years ago#129
AFreeby posted...
hoagie727 posted...
All I know is I would rather have DMC 5 also but guess what.

We live in reality and it is obvious they did not want to make DMC 5.

If DmC is the only thing I can get I will take it.

People didn't just complain about this game. It was a massive smear campaign.

If you antis kill off the series completely you will be known as the worst fans for any game ever.

I can live with that.
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User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#130
From: gamer6879403333 | #027
So because the series is dead to you, the series should die and make it so it's dead for everyone? You are the most ridiculously selfish people I've ever known. A non-selfish person would just personally drop the series but want it to stay around for the fans who still like it to get enjoyment. But no, you want it dead for everyone because of how you personally feel about it.

What terrible people you are.

Anyone who bought DmC was never a real DMC fan to begin with.

I don't care about these people and the enjoyment they get out of this bastardization of the DMC series. Besides, they'll always have God of War or whatever casual garbage is out there to play. (because let's be honest, being casuals they probably won't feel very strongly about this game and its legacy (lol) in the future anyway and just flock to whatever else is popular and edgy)

We, the real fans on the other hand might never get another good DMC game.
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