So let's say you're a new member of the Order, fighting the good fight.

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User Info: malicemizerfan

4 years ago#461
ah, so he's bigger than us, in that case I suggest fighting defensive, and since he does have height on us, breaking any hold he gets with a quick elbow to the ribs or... I don't remember which martial art it is, but pretty much you brace your palm under their chin, then press up on the elbow of that one with your other arm(and push with the lead arm as well) to break a hold by forcing them to reel backwards because the neck muscles cant handle that much strain at once(not a neck breaker or anything just that the muscles aren't that strong)

and I stand by my suggestion to go for the legs, assuming his fighting stance to be boxing based on gathered data(mainly upper body workout, weapon is weighted gloves)
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User Info: GrrMan

4 years ago#462
Any more votes?
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran

User Info: GrrMan

4 years ago#463
Five votes? Killing me, people.
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran

User Info: Ultrakill876x

4 years ago#464
As disappointing as the amount of votes are, I think this is as much as its going to get (vote wise) I guess, write up the next scene? I'm guessing that the reason for the less posts is mainly because of our creativity draining bit by bit, and we're reusing old concepts, even if we don't know it
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User Info: Rasendori124

4 years ago#465
Practise some hand to hand.
When you get a feel for his punches and look for the slight signs that show when a lot of power is put into a punch and try and counter to get him off balance. Since your upclose when you manage to direct his punch away from you , your going to want to explode into him aiming for his gut or the bridge of his nose. No wind up for the punch , just like an explosion
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User Info: GrrMan

4 years ago#466
Alright, final call. Really.
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran

User Info: Green_Puff

4 years ago#467
You will not forget this devils power!

User Info: GrrMan

4 years ago#468
Dick's music player switches to the next song.

You pull off your jacket and toss it to the side. Dick casually unclasps his weighted gloves, weighted elbowpads, and weighted kneepads, letting them fall off to the wayside. Even from here, you can see that the skin over his knuckles is hard as rhino leather.

You crack your neck back and forth. "Hope you aren't partial to your ass, Dick, 'cause I'm going to kick it all over the place."

Dick cracks his knuckles one at a time. Maybe it's just because his arm and hand bones are three times as dense as a normal human's, but it's almost as if they echo throughout the dojo. "Don't worry bro, I'll let ya win. It's harder to feel your hits than to dodge 'em!"

You snort. "Do you even hear the s*** that comes out of your mouth?"

You and Dick circle one another on the wavy-patterned gravel of the dojo, eyes locked, concentration tangible in the air.

Praeparant corpus! Mentis! Anima!

And with an air of nonchalance, Dick calmly winds up a haymaker and takes a swing at you.

You duck- Dick's arms are too long to just weave out of the way- and you feel the atmospheric pressure above you plummet as Dick's fist rips through the air above you. Yeah, that... probably would've killed a lesser man.

From your lower position, you drive two left jabs and a right straight into Dick's lower ribcage, trying to rattle his floating ribs. But he shrugs it off and tries to drop a heavy overcut onto your head- you roll out of the way as the punch slashes the air where you were moments ago.

"Oops, I missed."
"You're funny. Real funny." You circle around Dick, and he slowly turns, always facing you. Dick's body is a Goddamn fortress and you're all out of siege units. "Now hold still."

You shift forward, fists up, but as Dick expects a punch you instead drive a forward kick into his stomach. He manages to deflect most of the force with his elbows, but he steps back a bit to regain his balance, trying to ward off roundhouse kicks to his side all the while. You hop back out of range as he makes a long left swing.

You shift forward again- this time at an angle- and throw a few side kicks at Dick's legs, switching from orthodox to southpaw to hit both sides. As he swings his arms down to block, you throw a few straights at his head- but he easily angles his forehead so that your punches deflect off his skull. How the hell.

You roll out of the way again as Dick swivels around with a long hook. As he does, you make a sweeping kick at his legs, but he just regains his footing and keeps moving forward. From the ground you make a thrust kick at his knee, but to little effect- you get to your feet as Dick's fist comes crashing down into the gravel, sending out shockwaves of dust and stone. Come on, come on...

Dick lunges forward with a hard straight that probably broke the sound barrier, but you dodge, lock his arm beneath your armpit, and slam your open palm into his elbow joint. He tries to throw you off as you continue driving elbows into his upper chest and knees into his stomach, but with a single uppercut to the base of your exposed shoulderblades, he sends you reeling into the gravel.

You roll to your feet, and you and Dick circle each other. Only a minute has passed.

Your chest hurts. You breathe.
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran

User Info: GrrMan

4 years ago#469
You go at him again- narrowly missing a check hook that would've blasted your brains out- and close the gap with a straight to his chin, then once close enough, grabbing the back of his neck with one hand and gripping his arm with the other, and slamming your knee into his stomach. You're too close to punch, but he tries anyway- and you put a leg behind his back foot, trying to trip him to the ground- but he spins around, keeping his balance, and slams a spinning backfist into the side of your head.

You stumble away, grabbing onto a nearby rock for balance. You then dodge, again, as Dick punches where you were a second ago and cracks the rock down the middle.

Your chest hurts. Goddamn Bosch and his Goddamn buckshot. "That all?"

The dust settles, but through those little floating particles, you can see Dick's cobalt flame tattoos glowing dimly. Dick laughs his obnoxious trolling laugh, wiping blood from his nose. "That was just the tutorial, bro!" And lunges at you yet again.


After one hundred minutes of strikes, dodges, rolls, blocks, parries, locks, and a bizarre variety of nonsensical yet highly offensive insults, you and Dick are lying on the gravel, sweating your guts out, covering in blood, dust and tiny little rock pieces.

Bellum finivit.

You light one of your Baptisms by Fire, and watch with curiosity as the flame burns not orange, but an ethereal kind of luminescent, cosmic green. You exhale, and the smoke curls into all sorts of strange patterns, twisting in on itself like unraveled yarn in a hall of mirrors. Too bad it tastes like crap. But- whoaaa. Dude, color is like... whoaaa.

"Yeah, I won."
"Nah bro, I won. My style rating was like, triple-S."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Did you see that spinning backfist? S*** was Homeric, bro. They write epic poems about all that s***."
"Please. Entry tier move."
"That I owned you with."
"Shut the hell up."

You force yourself into a sitting position and take another drag on your mystical green cigarette. Getting your ass kicked by Bosch was one thing, but he wasn't a dedicated melee fighter. Fighting Dick is like fighting a pissed off bull covered in flaming razor blades. You're gonna feel these bruises for weeks.

But you know what? You feel stronger. And power is all that matters.

"Now what, bro?"

Dick's got a point. Now what?

A. Continue melee fighting! You're just getting started! Now blades!
B. Transition to the shooting range! Fists, now bullets!
C. Enough of that. Go to the server room and browse the Internet, see what's happening in the city.
D. Go topside and take a stroll. [Detail where you want to go in the city.]
E. Who cares? Just lay here and smoke it up with Dick.
F. Other. [Write it in.]
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran

User Info: malicemizerfan

4 years ago#470
B is for Bullets!

Preferably with the pistol.

alternately, hit up the server room and see what the news has to say about our exploits so far.

But, before all of that, finish out this smoke with Dick. I wouldn't want to move too much after fighting my friend(basically the same situation as here without the smoking)
Ah, beef jerky. Manliest of all snack foods!
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