every now and then, people post DmC > DMC4

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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
4 years ago#31
i see this board is still on that whole "my opinion is fact and if you dont agree your wrong" schtick. the ones that dont like it immediately say things like "they want to justify buying a bad game" the ones that like it usually over state how good it really is with things like "the best game ever"

i think this will be my final post here as the same people are always in every topic and apparently have no life outside of praising or attacking this particular game. Now someone will get bent out of shape for getting called out but hey you want to live on this board that is your choice.

on that i bid you whiners (both you antis and pros) farewell
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User Info: __hiei__

4 years ago#32
i can see casual players who aren't very familiar with DMC prefering this one...but

...people who have put time into DMC4 to know how deep the combat in that game is will probably see DmC as a joke


case in point

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#33
Sometimes people who dislike DmC make stupid arguments. Seriously. TC, in regards to your question, you do know that people like DMC1 over DMC4, right? Now how can DMC1, the most basic DMC game of them all with probably not even half the content of DMC4's gameplay, be preferred over DMC4?

Think about it. Then you will see why people like DmC over DMC4. Or why people like any game more than another for that matter.

User Info: __hiei__

4 years ago#34
you do know that people like DMC1 over DMC4, right?

i'm pretty sure these are people who never bothered replaying DMC1 recently and are going by their fond memories.

because DMC1 has aged terribly....

User Info: Rememberdaname

4 years ago#35
TC they are called trolls or weirdos with terrible taste and they are just wrong end of story.
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User Info: scorch109

4 years ago#36
DMC1 has aged amazingly, it's just not even really the same type of game as 3 or 4. A large reason soem people dislike 4 is the terrible pacing of the game, the lack of enemies in quite a few areas. the ridiculous amount of cutscenes. etc. etc. The first hour of dmc4 you play 20 minutes.
"The Bible is probably the most genocidal book ever written." Noam Chomsky

User Info: __hiei__

4 years ago#37
how is that relevant? you can just skip the cutscenes if you want

most of your playtime in DMC games will be combat, and the combat in 1 is really bad compared to 3 and 4

hell, look at that spider boss. you can't tell me that's well designed with a straight face, in this day and age.....half the time you're not even able to see the boss because they chose horrible camera angles. and stuff like this keeps happening over and over through the entire game.

that's the biggest problem...the next one is that what Dante can DO in DMC1 is just extremely limited. the depth of Dante's arsenal is what keeps replay value high in future playthroughs...i've spent hundreds of hours in DMC4 and if i pick the game back up today there'd probably be quite a lot of advanced techniques i wouldn't be able to do without training.

playing DMC1 today, much as i hate to admit it, feels like a very shallow, clunky mess. 3 and 4 are still very competent games on the other hand.

User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#38
Bottom line is I had more fun with DmC.

For me they were both pretty easy even on DMD.

I did not like the backtracking, repeated boss fights, and felt limited with Nero compared to Dante.

They gave you an awesome Dante and then made you play bosses made for Nero.

Then your like "okay, at least I have Dante for BP". Then you unlock BP and their is a freakin timer on. So you can't practice and have fun. You just have to hurry and take out enemies.

I do agree the combat in DMC 4 was the best though. But the overall game wasn't.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#39
docman864 posted...
why do you think people do this?

Because trolls.

User Info: scorch109

4 years ago#40
why are you playing dmc1 expecting it to be like 3 and 4 it's a completely different style of game. Yes if you play it trying to make it like 3 and 4 it will be bad. when you play it as the style of game it is it's easily the best of it's type. And no I never had issues wtih the camera on phantom as I learned what areas the camera did what like a competent person. Fixed camera changes in Fixed locations that are easy to notice.
"The Bible is probably the most genocidal book ever written." Noam Chomsky
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