every now and then, people post DmC > DMC4

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User Info: MoonBound

4 years ago#41
Again your just being biased you cannot look at dmc objectively maybe you like the cheesy japanese voice acting and messy story of dmc 4 but that does not make dmc bad just because you do not like the fact it is now a serious story that is a silly and immature thing to do, I can easily go around and call beyonnette a bad game because I hated the voice acting and characters but that does not make it a bad game people appreciate that kind of thing I just so not like that style.

And yes dantes grappling is unique because its way more fluid , you cwn pull enemies to, more varied combo's and it makes more sens in the story. Its not fully new but much improved and has unique twists to it.

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#42
Japanese voice what. DMC has only ever had English voice acting except for MvC3 and the anime.
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User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#43
From: docman864 | #001
why do you think people do this?

Because they've never played the DMC games but found out that the general consensus is that DMC4 is the least-liked good DMC game.

User Info: scorch109

4 years ago#44
Or they didn't play to the point where you got dante and playing nero is worse then playing dmc2.
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User Info: MoonBound

4 years ago#45
Japanese hired voice actors.in english much like anime voice actors in english.
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  3. every now and then, people post DmC > DMC4

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