ps3/pc 30fps/60fps comparison vid

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User Info: MasterNejiX

4 years ago#21
M DAMAGE posted...
Quite simply, people who say they do not see a difference between 30 and 60 FPS do not know what to look for or what they are looking at. Hell, some people say they cant tell much of a difference between standard and high definition TVs. In reality, these same people simply do not CURRENTLY have an eye for detail and do not understand what to look for.

Also, these videos are pure **** for illustrating the very real and very large difference between 30 and 60 fps which affects how responsive the controls are and visuals as well.

Do you honestly think that devs who make action games, (think Ninja Gaiden Black or Bayonetta) fighting games, (Super Street Fighter 4) or racing games (mario kart 7, which yes does run at 60 fps) devote valuable money and dev time toward maintaining 60 fps for no reason?

Think about it. When a dev makes a game in one of the aforementioned genres, 99.9 percent of them make one that runs at 60 fps, often times going to great lengths in order to do so.

People who cannot "see" the difference need to accept that game devs and other more tech savvy individuals know something they do not.

If I, in person sat someone down who claims they cant see a difference, I could very shortly have them spotting it with the aid of some video experiments.

its for this exact reason that i made the topic actually. id like to learn what to look for so i can make intelligent statements about the subject.

User Info: rx7187

4 years ago#22
Dat 60fps.

User Info: Detha

4 years ago#23
Instead of virility, and all of the good things it would do for you, it should be 30 fps and how great it is. It keeps the masses docile and weak-minded.




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User Info: xOmniCloudx

4 years ago#24
USF posted...
OhhSnap posted...
I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I too cannot see a SIGNIFICANT difference between the two. There may be some SLIIIGHT difference but I can only really kinda tell from watching very... VERY closely and intently.

I don't think FPS is any big deal in any game really, I've seen all these comparison videos for other games and personally I could care less if it's slower or faster by like less than half a second.. Buuut, that's just me.

Why people make a huge deal out of ''FPS'' I will sadly never understand, not really against FPS complaints but hey, it aint affecting me, so it's not my problem. haha.

Never played on a gaming PC huh? Running games at higher FPS is quite big. I don't understand how people can't see the difference, awful vision maybe. Watching the same game being played at 30 FPS and 60 FPS is marginal and so easy to see. It's even easier to see when you play it yourself.

This, it was like night and day when I first saw PC DmC (on a different site and player). The animation is hella smoother and you notice more delay and can actually see how the combat system is designed in the PC version because of where and how Dante delays in animations. Look at the stalling between animations which doesn't take avdanage of the doubled frame rate since the system wasn't redesigned to take advantage of the new options. Even the environment rendering looks way better on PC. I have no idea how people don't both see and feel this. Some devs like Team Ninja can be REALLY good at tricking you like with NGS2 (due to how it's combat is designed and where it cut the frames) which doesn't fully run at 60 FPS (especially not on 360) but for the most part it's near impossible to not notice and if you ran a proper speed one you'd see the difference.

Especially if you played one for a decently significant point of time and then went to the other. The only real exceptions are the people who don't really play their games any type of seriously and go super casual so the engine and mechanics designed around the frame rate don't truly change their gameplay experience plus they wouldn't be paying attention or even be able to notice the other changed details. But if you put them side by side they still should be able to notice something is a little off. I bought ZOE HD and I couldn't even play ZOE2. The reduced frame rate (even in the damn cutscenes was present) made it feel like a completely different game. A far less fun game.
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.

User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#25
I'm the only one that gets a "soap opera" feel from the 60fps footage? It's really weird because it never happens with other games that run at the same framerate. Maybe it's because animations and effects were tuned for 30fps?

User Info: BigMan313

4 years ago#26
I love me some 60 fps, PC you have truly spoiled me. Hopefully I can get some upgrades this year, my pc is gettin kinda old. I can still run everything medium to high but I just want new stuff lol.
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User Info: truly_FLCL

4 years ago#27
dang, game is gorgeous at 60

User Info: M DAMAGE

4 years ago#28
To the guy that posted about ninja gaiden,

All console NGs (Ita. directed a DS NG) that were directed by Itagaki (NG, ninja gaiden black, NG 2) run at 60 fps. All of these games except DS one were on microsoft consoles. hayashi directed the PS3 stuff and NG 3.

User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
4 years ago#29
Vid runs on 30fps for me for some reason, so no difference. I know what 60fps looks like, and that's definitely not it.

User Info: RatedStinger

4 years ago#30
Herbert0 posted...
That video was terrible quality.

Yeah and it lagged at certain parts too.
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