ps3/pc 30fps/60fps comparison vid

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User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#31
_Uwye_ posted...
I'm the only one that gets a "soap opera" feel from the 60fps footage? It's really weird because it never happens with other games that run at the same framerate. Maybe it's because animations and effects were tuned for 30fps?

It looks really weird whenever it zooms in on Donte's face.

User Info: SquigglyJustice

4 years ago#32
I don't know what to say TC, it just looks smoother and feels a lot better. For reference (and being relatively new to the PC gaming scene) I played the demo level on my PC on max@60fps then went and played the demo on the 360 and the difference was night and day, honestly made my eyes hurt a bit and felt uncomfortable.
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