DMC Dante vs DMC2,DMC3,DMC4 and DmC Dante.

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User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#21
Sasukefire posted...
DMC1: Who are you guys?

DMC4: We're you, dumbass. We just keep screwing up and keep getting blown back to the computer terminal. Then we teleported here to try again.

DMC3: I know that, man! You told me last time.

DMC4: I'm not talking to you! I'm talking to the new you!

DMC3: Oh, right. Sorry about that. I'm still gonna get used to all this.

DMC2: Dumbass.

DMC3: Hey, shut up.

DMC: How did all you guys screw up?

DMC4: Well, when Tucker points the rocket launcher at us, I tried to explain the situation to everybody. By the time I finished answering questions the bomb went off and I got sent back in time.

DMC3: And then I teleported back and just decided to kill everybody that I could see.

DMC1: Why did you do that?

DMC3: I dunno. It seemed like fun. Think I went a little nuts there for a while.

DMC1 Dante: What did you do?

Ragna: Dude, don't ask. Trust me, it didn't work.

"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun
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  3. DMC Dante vs DMC2,DMC3,DMC4 and DmC Dante.

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