Psst something you "sales"guys should know.

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User Info: sdcottuy

4 years ago#21
Chupacabrabra posted...
sdcottuy posted...
Btw it's £49.99 to download fron psn £40 from shops why pay £10 more?

People are willing to pay that extra for several reasons.

1. No need to get out the house. Most people pay money for transportation to get their games so might sorta even out.

2. Games downloaded and installed tend to perform better and have faster loading times.

3. Some people don't care.

4. Just lazy.

1 . Most people will buy the game next time they are by a game store

2. Not by much it may save 10 secs off a load time and it shouldn't have a effect on performance

My point being most people will look for the best deal or maybe they have slow net or a cap on downloads.

Most won't do DD unless it beats retail just look at pc everyone uses steam because they have great sales

User Info: mahroflcopter

4 years ago#22
Chupacabrabra posted...
i know, you guys love to compare with DMC4, which is very silly, almost cute buuut have you thought about this?

1. You have no idea how many digital copies have been sold. DMC is now no.5 in the ps3 EU store. Number 4 and 3 are mass effect + far cry 3. Both big hitters, so it seems to be selling well in the digital sector.And i haven't even seen the place on x-box.

2.You know the UK does not stand for Europe right? Go check a map for Europe. Done? Yea, that is alot of countries, i know.

Psst... the UK sales outlet already accounted for the online sales.

Psst... Mass Effect has been out for 8 months now, so beating it is hardly an achievement.

Psst... The entire reason Capcom rebooted Devil May Cry was to get better sales than Devil May Cry 4.
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  3. Psst something you "sales"guys should know.

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