Anyone else find the art style atrocious?

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  3. Anyone else find the art style atrocious?

User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#21
LordMe posted...
Psychochild27 posted...
Aiddon posted...
I call it "the Unreal Engine is CRAP." The only time it looks good is when the developers HEAVILY modify it, like with Borderlands

I call it the console version being crap. The PC version actually does look pretty good on Ultra.

Style, not detail...

Best textures in the world can't help if the STYLE is bad.

Hey, I was right there with you during the 360/PS3 release. I HATED the weapon effects/animations and I found all of Limbo's "Atmosphere" effects distracting, only serving to make the game even more unpleasant and grainy to look at.

At 60 frames though with better particle effects, character models (Especially Bob Barbas who looks fantastic) and lighting, the animations and weapon effects look surprisingly good and Limbo's atmospheric effects turn pleasant and... oddly hypnotic. What was once a game that consisted of tons of ugly, rough, slap-dash visual elements that didn't jive together suddenly did.

It was one of those rare moments I actually got pissed because of how short-changed the console versions are.

User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#22
rice_noodles posted...
Everything is blue and orange.
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#23
Not all the fibers of my being hate the art style, merely most of them.

User Info: HappyUnicorn101

4 years ago#24
I do not like the design of some of the enemies.

If they are going to have the obligatory "disgusting boss" why would they make 2 of them? (Poison and Lilith+baby). Those designs are just nasty to look at. And while i can appreciate it was intentional, why make 2 of them?

Speaking of which, the boss's in previous DMC games were likable to some extent. All the bosses in this game are douchebags. Except for the hunter, because he doesn't spend the entire fight saying mean things to you.
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User Info: TheDromader

4 years ago#25
sjwho2 posted...
This game aint no El Shaddai thats for sure.

So much truth... not even only in the context of the topic.
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  3. Anyone else find the art style atrocious?

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