NT turned stupid story into great one w/ deep characters

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User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#51
Dark Symphony posted...
Oh wow you don't say. Are you planning on discussing your preference, or was that worthless contribution all you had in mind?

It was an extremely relevant contribution.

You had two sides arguing why one approach was basically better when, in actuality, both can work if done correctly. At that point it comes down to preference.

^Thank you. If what I said was so obvious I have no idea why people keep flaming others for their opinions/preference. It's when stuff is said as fact that irritates me, personally (Ie - DMC is dead, that's why they rebooted and made DmC). Still, he asked and I answered. He either got what he wanted or he doesn't care. Either way is good for me.

User Info: Blackmarvel79

4 years ago#52
djepic112 posted...
The original series had a laughable plot and extremely one dimensional characters. Ninja Theory made the story interesting, unique, morally ambiguous as well as added a lot of depth to the characters.

Even the "bad guy" in dmc and his mistress seemed very human in their emotions and connection. That's not something you ever saw in the original DMC series.

Unfortunately this game failed to reach it potential. It could have at least had a decent story none of the originals had that. But no it was stupid and average like the originals and it failed to at least have decent enemies just like the originals. Though the only thing the originals have on this is the fact that they are more challenging. Not saying much as that is there only plus.
Still playing The Mass Effect Trilogy for the forseeable future. I may be addicted.

User Info: derrick112

4 years ago#53
SlaveBlade posted...
Detha posted...
The old series, you laugh with. This new game, you laugh at.

Other way around for me.

This new game you laugh at. The old series, you laugh with.

I concur
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  3. NT turned stupid story into great one w/ deep characters

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