Even the sales are not met, is it sure they won't make DmC2?

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  3. Even the sales are not met, is it sure they won't make DmC2?

User Info: Detha

4 years ago#11
DmC2 may or may not come out, but they would be pretty silly to just up and end the original franchise, considering sales figures.
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#12
NT was on the verge of closing as a studio, they were saved by sony then capcom. The reason why DmC is made is probably because the team and Itsuno were working on Dragon Dogma and capcom wanted to milk DMC and produce a game for the fans, as they claim ( LOL ). So they choose NT for their "work", though i doubt it since tameem begged sony before. Until now, we don't know if capcom is going to make a DmC2 or DMC5.

User Info: Kira0987

4 years ago#13
If they do make a DmC2 I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Capcom doesn't listen to fans at all and continue to make terrible decisions.
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User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#14
InfiniteDemise posted...
KeJo6 posted...
depends. capcom, despite what people would believe, do know that the franchise is popular (saying franchise as a whole, not just this game) so they'll more than likely make a sequel.

hell, namco still makes sequels to SoulCalibur, despite sales dropping with every new installment (partially their fault)

Only partially? O_o. SC just kept degrading after SCIII. And SCV doesn't even feel like SC anymore, but a 3D game that stole mechanics from Street Fighter.

SoulCal V was the best since 2. 3 was an abortion and IV was just awful so that's not saying much... but it was a step in the right direction. Anyone who says it was like street fighter has no idea how to play either SC or SF.
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User Info: jerry_wireramme

4 years ago#15
It might depend on the DLC sales to a certain extent. It seems that a lot of the people who actually bought the game like it, if they continue to support through DLC, it might persuade Capcom that it has a strong enough core to build on.

I was doubtful going in but managed to love it for what it is, rather than hate it for what it isnt, so I'm looking forward to Bloody Palace and Virgils Downfall and hopefully DmC 2.
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User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#16
CV: LoS is being touted as the "best selling CV game in the franchise", so I think it did well enough.
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  3. Even the sales are not met, is it sure they won't make DmC2?

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