Was Dante drunk and trolling in DMC 4?

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User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#61
Play dmc2 for srs bsns dante
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User Info: StriderOW

4 years ago#62
Lol, how else do you expect Dante to act? There is no one there that is emotionally attached to him so he tends to joke around when that is the case just as he did in DMC3. He is just a more matured DMC3 in 4. You can see how his character grew and developed because the plot allowed it to in DMC3 because he had to fight/possibly kill someone he cared about plus the fact he was finding his true path in DMC3. In DMC4, there its nothing but a "day on the job" for Dante. Hes just having fun and being his usual self. The only time his emotions started to get serious is when Nero was trapped int he Savior and Dante called out to Nero and Nero didn't answer back. That actually worried Dante. So you can't blame his character for no real depth in DMC4 but blame the crap plot.

User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#63
another day another job,he fooling around from the beginning of the game.
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  3. Was Dante drunk and trolling in DMC 4?

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