Why is this game so much ugglier then DMC4?

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  3. Why is this game so much ugglier then DMC4?

User Info: tri4ceofpowr

4 years ago#41
I really like the graphics in this game. Honestly, DMC 4 was pretty and all, but I prefer the graphical style in this one.
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User Info: psycho4r6

4 years ago#42
you guys saying that DMC4 has better graphics then this, are you guys crazy? and going as far as saying DMC reboot is ugly.... on PC it is stunning visually. not only are the graphics and textures amazing but it runs smooth as silk at 60 fps. the only thing I can think of is that you dont have your settings maxed out. I have a custom pc that blows the requirements out of the water but I still had to turn on the high res textures, shadows, and lighting.(they were all off by default) And I also had to turn up some of the other options. but right now Im maxing out the graphics settings and running 60 fps and like I said its absolutely beautiful waaaayyy better looking then dmc4

User Info: psycho4r6

4 years ago#43
My mistake, I dunno how I ended up in the ps3 DMC forum I thought I was on the pc board. my bad now I understand what the problem is. the PS3 and xbox are just so outdated at this point, especially compared to a half way decent PC. if you want to see DMC in all its glory you gotta get it on PC

User Info: EmpirenXD

4 years ago#44

Nuff said. That mode alone proves how much better DMC4 is.

User Info: NeoOsiris

4 years ago#45
DMC4 didn't look as different on the PC as much as DmC does. Really shows the age of the current gen console hardware. But you can't deny that DmC has way more going on graphically than DMC4, I've got them both on PC and played DMC4 on console. You must be blind to think DMC4 looks nicer than DmC. Sounds like someone is just being a troll.

User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#46
Taizuku posted...
PirateSwordsman posted...
Taizuku posted...
PirateSwordsman posted...
Okay, WingZero0782, I sure as hell am not going to read your whole hypocritical crybaby rant. Less words when you have a temper tantrum next time, kid.

>Didn't read Wing's post.
>It's a hypocritical crybaby temper tantrum though.

I said I didn't read the whole thing. But I'll always regard long-winded rants with an inserted 'i don't have time to deal with you guys' plug-in as hypocritical temper tantrums.

It's fair, I do somewhat of the same thing. I wont call it a temper tantrum, but I will say "I'm not reading that ****"

I read the whole thing. He is right. This board is a circus show and it's not fun. Maybe for the people who want to troll, it seems like open night here.

I can see why he left the boards as I intend to do the same. You and all the antis here perfectly describe the old saying: Misery loves company. Miserable people enjoy each others company too. =) DMC was great, looking forward to Dead Space 3 next week.

If I ever spend days on end on a game board trolling relentlessly, while pretending I'm sorta neutral.. I'd rather get in a fatal car wreck then end up that pathetic.
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  3. Why is this game so much ugglier then DMC4?

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