Did you enjoy playing as Nero in DMC4?

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User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#41
_Uwye_ posted...

Well, it's not like you can choose to limit the charge to Lv2, isn't it? :\ Having three levels was too much. Lv1 was fine because it was so quick it was basically a "shotgun" shot, but having a level 2 AND 3 wasn't a good idea IMO since it's not like you can choose which one you want to use.

You could remove the Level 3 upgrade entirely, but no. Due to how fast CS1 charges, it was never an issue to lay off the gun button until you know you're going to send the baddie into the ground (Red Queen Combo B, Split JC, Aerial Rave final hit, etc) and buffer the input during one of Nero's normal attacks.

User Info: ishamail24

4 years ago#42
Pesmerga255 posted...
Where's the option for liking the way Nero plays but not being a fan of his character and personality?

Completely agree. I like the devil bringer and the grapples you could do with it. But as a character Nero was just meh
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User Info: NostalgiaRules

4 years ago#43
I picked the second option. Nero was fun, but I just couldn't wait to start playing as Dante. :D
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

4 years ago#44
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User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#45
produner posted...
Dante was the spotlight of high level play and combos in DMC4 but his role in the storyline was meh. His gameplay and personality were top notch, but the backtracking *cringes*.

All the past DMCs had backtracking though. DMC1 made it look a little creepier and changed the color pallet; DMC2 did the same with the city; DMC3 just changed the room orders. DMC4 changed the environment a little (castle filled with ice, blocking old route; hazy purple portals changing the map order in forest) and changed the color pallet slightly. You also at least got to use a different character, who had different mechanics and different style.

The new one annoys me in that regard, I think it's a good game (but a bad DMC game) otherwise - just a victim of the greed/dark&gritty movement. I have to go back to the beginning levels because there are collectibles I can't get without weapons I acquire later on. I know this wouldn't bother a lot of you because you keep your saves and play off those, but I like to start a fresh game every time. Except the one time I played as Vergil (DMC3, obviously). I still haven't actually played as Trish, DMC2 isn't exactly worth it (although I heard she plays like DMC1 Dante...may have to try...). Anyway, imo, it's the worst kind of backtracking. I hate it. It means even when if I get to the level like the other games (barring DMC2) where I know where stuff is, etc etc, I will ALWAYS have to replay levels up til that point just to get the stuff. At least if that had happened in previous DMCs it's a safe bet you'd be revisiting them later, so you knew to save it 'til then.

User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#46
bigdom93 posted...
I do like nero, the only thing was that only getting new devil bringer moves wil only make things a little more interesting, what he needed were devil arms(no pun intended) and some alternate guns, also we wanted to be able to use yamato outside of devil trigger, which we got with dante, nero was had a few tricks and his moves were different from dante but most of the special devil bringer moves were just for puzzles and had little application in combat

Agreed. Wouldn't been nice to see him expanded in a sequel. DB, Exeed, weapons (crafting?)

User Info: Damien94

4 years ago#47
Of course! Nero was great and they foreshadowed giving us more of his story, but then farmed the IP out to NT to get this **** shoveled in our faces.

The reboot was completely stupid and unnecessary because they already had a new character they just introduced and could tell more of the story.
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User Info: Shengali

4 years ago#48
panzerwing27 posted...
Dmc 4 was the first dmc i played. So as Nero was my first play of dmc i liked him then i got to play as Dante and my opinion of him dropped. My opinion of him dropped more when i got hd collection (Im not counting dmc 2). Now having played though dmc 4 after playing DmC my opinion of him has nearly dropped to hate.

Why? Nero and DmC Dante are kind of alike.

User Info: Sasukefire

4 years ago#49
Of course. Nero is amazing!

User Info: Slayer_22

4 years ago#50
Where is the option for loving both Nero and Dante? I loved both and thought that Nero and his combat style was a great addition to the game. It was a lot of fun to play as both, both being useful in their own right. I loved being able to change styles and weapons on the fly as Dante or use Nero's Devil Bringer to deal heavy damage to almost any enemy.
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