C/D DMC4 had the best bosses in the series. (spoilers)

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User Info: pyro_bunta

4 years ago#21
Credo Angelo is one of the best Boss Fights in DMC.
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User Info: Black Out

Black Out
4 years ago#22

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User Info: SlaveBlade

4 years ago#23
TheDromader posted...

Bosses in DMC1 ware more annoying to fight than anything, with really ugly designs and mostly no personality aide from GRRR IM EVIL YOU LITTLE WORM, not to mention you fight each of them atleast 3 times or so (that scorpion thing can flock off for all I care). Only stand-out boss was Nelo Angelo.

DMC2 I shall not speak of.

DMC3 had some really fun and interesting bosses, I mean you cant hate a giant flaming horse with rocket launchers attached to its chariot. Also Nevan and Vergil. Really good all around, but the cake is taken by......

DMC4, by far in nearly all aspects: design of the bosses, theyr personalities (though DMC3 is a VERY close one in this aspect, some might even say its comes on top, I guess its debatable), actuall fight and even theyr music theme. DMC3 however had much better boss arenas, though Berials still stands strong. Also Credo, I friggin love this guy.

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User Info: antking61

4 years ago#24
Tough call. I had fun with a few of the bosses in all 4 of them. I'd say it had better bosses than 3.
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  3. C/D DMC4 had the best bosses in the series. (spoilers)

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