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User Info: Ether101

4 years ago#21
Jokerz_Wildcard posted...
Are you actually trying to compare a Crazy Combo to triangle, triangle, pause triangle? Do you understand what simple combo means?

Turbo controllers say Hi!
Arcade Sticks say Hi!
Non-Crippled People say Hi!

In other words, you don't have an argument. By its very nature a crazy combo is much harder to pull off then Trinity Smash.

Xtreme65 posted...
In DMC4 you can do the same thing with a DTed buster and DTed Real Impact. Only thing is you still had to beat the boss to a certain point but bosses were still Incredibly easy in DMC4.

It takes more to get to that point. Plus, people have and still do complain about the bosses being to easy in DMC4 so I don't get were picking up this idea that we don't.
Gamers have lost their pride.
Complacency can be a sin.

User Info: Gray_Fox_Die

4 years ago#22
Shengali posted...
Gray Fox Die posted...
Who cares about Royal Guard cause if I use it I lose half the moves for the weapons or the abilities of Trickers.

Lazy. All you have to do is the SAME THING IN DmC if you want to change weapons: simply tap the D-pad.

In DMC4 maybe but not in DMC3. And changing style to block a move is not lazy... It's stupid.

People do not realize the many flaws that past DMC Games had (while still my favorite franchise). This new DmC solves many problems but haters are too blind to understand that.
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