Tell me about games that have a deeper storyline than DmC. [spoilers ahead]

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  3. Tell me about games that have a deeper storyline than DmC. [spoilers ahead]
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User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#82
From: Pesmerga255 | Posted: 1/31/2013 8:05:43 PM | #080
kinterpin890 posted...
SHMYazoo posted...
Dark_Epathy posted...
Are we talking depth or quality? Because they're two different things.

I can probably safely say the Silent Hill games--barring maybe Origins or Homecoming or the original, and even those are hesitant--are deeper than DmC. They all explore fairly mature, psychological issues. SH2 and Shattered Memories, in particular, are notable for how they handle themes of grief, reconciliation, and domestic violence.

The storytelling, however, is not necessarily fantastic. The SH games typically suffer from awkward pacing and reliance upon notes and memos.

In terms of quality, I'd say DmC is decent. It could have been much more developed. I look to something like the first three Yakuza games when I want to talk about quality storytelling. They're a little cliched, but you get good character development and great pacing, for the most part.

How are the Yakuza games by the way? People always say I should play them for the PS3, but I never got the chance.

They are great! I strongly recommend Yakuza 4.

I second this. <3 Yakuza 4.

Never played 4, but finished 1 and got up to half of 2. I recommend.
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User Info: Atrabilious

4 years ago#83
Final Fantasy Tactics.

Probably one of my favourite videogame storylines ever. Right and wrong, heroic sacrifice for the greater good, political intrigue, human depravity, revenge, demonic horror all rolled into one. Also the over-arching fact that you're playing through a story in which the heroes have never been remembered for their sacrifice, they've simply been written down in history as villainous heretics because they refused to bow down to the ruling powers in order to fight the good fight.
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User Info: dpesmerga1

4 years ago#84
Here's a few
Chrono trigger, Chrono cross, xenogears, xenosaga, smt nocturne, digital devil saga, yakuza series, tales of series, suikoden 1, 2 and 5, vandal hearts, silent hill series, siren series, fahrenheit, deus ex, ring of red, bioshock, valkyria chronicles, valkyrie profile, ff series, mass effect, lost odyssey, baten kaitos, fragile, okami, shadow of memories, 999, grandia, wild arms, legacy of kain series, heavy rain, deadly premonition,growlanser, stella deus, zero escape, shadow hearts, skies of arcadia,eternal sonata, alan wake, alundra, star ocean, bof 3, lunar 1 and 2, the legend of dragoon, hoshigami, vagrant story, little big planet.

User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#85

all those nintendo characters trapped in that tower, with the russian music.
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User Info: MEFreak1984

4 years ago#86
Mass Effect Trilogy, even before the extended cut, Any Metal Gear Game, Hitman 1-Blood Money, "Tales" Games, and Skyrim. Not to say I hated DmC, Quite the contrary in fact, I enjoyed it. But those games I listed did have a better story.
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User Info: Brocknoth

4 years ago#87
From: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA | #064
You know what, I'd like to elaborate on my true choice for this topic.

Chrono Trigger. A game from the SNES days. Now that game had a fantastic plot/storyline.

For a game from the SNES days, it manages to have a better plot than a lot of modern games.

I mean, the game had so much depth to it. IIRC the original game had 11 different endings (the remakes have 13 I believe).

Chrono Trigger along with a handful of older games are pretty damn flawless to me. Not perfect it's just very difficult to find flaws in them. It makes me sad that SE won't go back to that series. It's been over a decade now. I mean I didn't want it to become the next FF or KH but a third game in the series would have been nice. Closest thing we got to another game in the series was the failed fan project "Crimson Echoes". Tis a shame really.
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User Info: sjwho2

4 years ago#88
Any game ever.

User Info: OhhSnap

4 years ago#89
I didn't hit you. I simply highfived your face!

User Info: darkslayer001

4 years ago#90
megaultrarice34 posted...
"DMC1~4" or "any other game"
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