So what about Ninja Theory?

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User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#21
Pesmerga255 posted...
It had good characterizations.

They were inconsistent and bland.

A good amount of social commentary/satire.

And? Satire isn't always needed in a story to make it good.

They were actually very consistent; and well none of them bland.
Examples; go in depth.
Tell me why you felt this way.

And no satire isn't always needed but it does add an element of depth.
That much is inherent.

If you want inconsistency look no further than DMC Dante. Bland? Look at the oh so compelling Kyrie.
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User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#22
ShadowZero007 posted...
It had good characterizations.
A good amount of social commentary/satire.
A different take on what was pretty much 12yo fan fiction (Half human half demon; KICKS ASS. Which I can forgive as DMC was never too story oriented and this did a good job of taking such a blase subject matter and actually making it interesting and somewhat relevant.)
and was overall more believably written.

Hey nice character! Too bad my character is better. His name is...uhh Donte! Yeah and instead of being half-human and half-demon, he's....half...angel instead! And he also looks like me because I'm actually him.
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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

4 years ago#23
SigmaHaciel posted...
Pesmerga255 posted...
NT are overrated and only ever produce mediocre games.

A reason why it got compared to Suda.

That would be true but Suda unfortunately is heavily medicated to keep all the craziness inside, instead of letting him turn it into a video game...
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