If this is how Ninja Theory "ruins" a game...

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User Info: Darknessbeast10

4 years ago#61
NeoTStyle posted...
Most of the platforming issues in the original series stem from the fixed camera angles. This game doesn't have them, so platforming is easier. Too bad that jumping in this game feels stiff as **** compared to the smooth jumps and Air Hikes in the originals.

The cube room wasn't that hard and neither was the spinning blades room.

Smooth jumping? right.

Firemage, you are probably the epitome of dumb. DMC 4 platforming was awful without a doubt. How they can make a character miss a target for no reason deserves a medal. The waterfall in the mine? mission 3 I think? screw that orb fragment, Anytime you have to traverse a gap with the DB and the castle....

Also what right do you have to question someone's taste? You can be an internet hardass all you want but taste in games don't matter. You don't dictate how they spend their money, do you? Naw didn't think so.
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User Info: SHMYazoo

4 years ago#62
DMC1 had platforming in two sections, the bridge where you fought sargassos if you fell and the part where you get Ifrit as far as I remember. Also, there was platforming involved with the 3rd Big Bird fight.

DMC2 had the water platforms in Lucia's disk and a room and a platform part during the infested helicopter fight in Dante's disk, but you could skip most of them by using the DT and flying away.

DMC3 had a flying segment for some secret challenge room and had multiple platform parts where you needed to platform to grab blue crystals.

DMC4 had some RIDICULOUS timed platforming with the Devil Bringer, specially to get some blue crystals in the main game.

But I think there was something even worse than the platforming sections and the backtrack in the past games. DMC1 had UNDERWATER FIRST PERSON MISSIONS WITH TERRIBLE CONTROLLERS and DMC2 had UNDERWATER THIRD PERSON MISSIONS WITH TERRIBLE CONTROLLERS. I hope you haven't forgotten this.
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User Info: Ether101

4 years ago#63
Just because it involves jumping doesn't mean its platforming.
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User Info: scorch109

4 years ago#64
the water sections in dmc1 were ridiculously easy though. so even wtih bad controls it wasn't terrible. Though i will say something you forgot about DMC4. starting a fresh run the first hour or so of the game is the most painful grueling thing of the entire series. Having a single sword combo for an entire actual mission is the dumbest thing anyone could have ever thought of. I'm sorry I don't consider making the last attack slower and hit a little harder a new combo.
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User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#65
pull pull pull air boost pull pull pull
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