I'm thinking about uploading Easy difficulty D rank mission playthroughs

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User Info: GoreGross

4 years ago#31
From: vgman94 | #026
Easier to get an SSS rank on DMD and SOS?! Come on now. Avoiding a Witch and Tyrant at the same time is not easy. It's easy to get double S ranks, not triple. It's easier to get a D by just letting yourself die a couple of times and abusing items.

Lol. Disparity between the two is very small. Demon evade will put anyone in the top 100s and 50s on this game's leaderboard. I'm sure I'm a bit lower since last I played, but not by much.

You know what one of the biggest issues is? It doesn't matter how difficult it is to dodge anyone. There's no damage rank. I don't get graded on carelessness like I used to be. So I can afford to be careless and still rank among the top.
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User Info: jayganaut

4 years ago#32
Jiyuu Falcon posted...
So... Is it me, or is the final score not determined from an average of ranks, but from the total actual scores? I mean, a 1M-style-point SSS would be worth considerably more than a 100K-style-point SSS, despite both being the same rank? It certainly would explain that SSS-C-D-0-3 thing I saw still getting SSS, since the style points were in the millions. Someone post that vid again, if you know where it is.

Yeah that was the case in DMC4 at least as well, you had your base Style points and your other grades acted as multipliers to that score for your Devil Hunter rank which would be used to determine your actual rank for that mission.

So basically if you get the score you need with Style points alone, you can effectively have D in everything else.

User Info: aiiirik

4 years ago#33
If you use items your score is lowered a lot. Easy if you use 5 potions each mission. Too easy.
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User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#34
GoreGross posted...
From: megaultrarice34 | #011


you'd have to die more than 9 times at least.

What have I gotten myself into..

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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#35
I haven't forgotten about this, neither should you.
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  3. I'm thinking about uploading Easy difficulty D rank mission playthroughs

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