Anyone else feel the positive reviews were warranted?

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  3. Anyone else feel the positive reviews were warranted?

User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#31
StriderOW posted...
Why do people keep comparing DMC1 to this game? These games came out in two totally different generations. Even DMC3 came out in a different generation then DMC1 and they were both on the same console. DMC1 was like 12 years ago. We need to compare the impact that DMC1 had on that generation compared to the impact DmC has on this generation. Its not fair to compare them by the game play because of the huge time gap. DMC1 revolutionized a genre and what has DmC done to this genre? DMC3 revolutionized the combat in this genre and as I say again, what has DmC done special to this genre that no other game has done?

they were stupid or newcomer or they desperate to show this game were some sort ''gift of heaven'' by compared it with a game came out 12 year ago
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User Info: Farting_Newt

4 years ago#32
Nah, just generally all irrationality works the same. It's a combination of thin-slicing (Read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell) and confirmation bias (Read any cognitive or social psych legend like Elizabeth Loftus or Leroy Festinger).
In any case, when you get people that don't want to like something never will. It's kind of like a cognitive filter. It becomes irrational and defensive--hateful of all recalcitrant data or even simple joking analogies about the topic.

User Info: diablogamer

4 years ago#33
I couldnt disagree more when DMC came out over a decade ago it was ground breaking there was nothing else like it at the time. DmC is a cookie cutter run of the mill mediocre hack and slash that brings nothing new to the genre the fact that it got 8 and 9 shows how corrupt and pathetic so called video game " journalists" are.
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User Info: Topkick1975

4 years ago#34
Agree with TC.

With the caveat that I've got 3 levels to go, I think that the level design, character development, and general "feel" of play were all very strong.

If it were a wholly new property, this message board would feel very different.

I can see why some are angry (I didn't want a reboot either, I liked Devil May Cry 1,3, and 4), but taken on its own merits, I agree with the reviews.

User Info: chaotix247

4 years ago#35
I vastly prefer DMC1 than this game. Sure, in a technical aspect, combat wise, and graphics wise this game is definitely better than DMC1 but still DMC1 still has everything this game has and just works ten times better. I can't really name a specific reason why. There's too many damn wrong things with this game for anyone who likes it to even care about (just my opinion, I know all the people for the game KNOW it has A LOT of shortcomings). This game has no identity to it, tries to appeal to a very immature market and somehow trying to please the previous fans at the same times failing in both aspects (at least I think with various cutscenes and the cliche "The NIghtmares" or Damn "The Demons" you will pay!!), and it's combat system is ten steps back from what DMC3 and 4 created. It's horrible. Enemies that require only demon or angel weapons to beat are completely backwards thinking enemies. They restrict the combat system from a 100% of choices to only 20% and claim that adds to difficulty. No, it's stupidity, difficulty is making a challenging enemy (like the Dreamrunners) where you have every move at your arsenal but it's up to you to find out how to make use of it and be stylish at the same time. You can only be so "stylish" with the same 4 combos for each weapon.
I am so DAMN pissed at Capcom yet I shell out money like an idiot anyway.
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  3. Anyone else feel the positive reviews were warranted?

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