Kratos vs Dante

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User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#281
hunter00231 posted...
is this topic ever going to go back to kratos vs Dante?

We can certainly talk about Kratos vs Dante. There just happens to be a lengthy side discussion going on at the same time.
GT: FroznLockz, PSN: SpectreAlpha
"Tatakai no naka ni, kotai wo aru."

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#282
Merga: >exactly where
Merga, pls.

NOTE: So how about those lessons? You still to scared to man up against the challenges of GoW? Surely you can't call yourself a DMC vet and be so frightened of the noted, right?

Pirate: I don't know about all that, but I know mecha is small time and Bayonetta would always beat Asura. That and Vegeta always beats Goku (true facts, canon, etc.). What say you, lad?

Hiryuu: Still haven't gotten a proper handle on the format? No matter. Let's see here.

>what we're doing
Don't confuse the lessons for chit-chat, sport.

>so start
We began a good while ago. Thus the change in your presentation, jargon, etc.

Alternate realities don't concern me. You would do well to focus on this one and the errors you make in it.

>America is
Not the internet, lad. Specifically, this is GFAQs and their rules override your 'freedoms' with regards to speech. Or hadn't you noticed when you agreed to the terms?

>your doing
>implying ownership of doing
I should get royalties.

The royal "we", is it? Come now, boy. Are you even "trying"? *hohoho*

>any more true
Yet here we are. Your battered cheeks from righteous blows and the altered form of your presentation. My handiwork. And we've hardly begun.

Right across the face, as usual. Not much of a 'catch', really. Not that you can stop it or do anything about it. As your teacher, dominance is just part of the deal. That you suffer these indignities is no fault of my own, nor a reflection of cruelty. Rather, it is how I show I care about a student in the wrong.

Mind the excitability. We're no lot of 16-year-old-girls.

>happy with being a casual
You say that, but I'm not entirely convinced.

You sure the day will ever come?

>established any games you're terrible at
GoW and Bayonetta, obviously. Do keep up. Likely DMC as well.

>I don't think
But you should.

Games you're terrible at. It's not so difficult to understand. Your resistance to the notion is futile. You delude yourself. You are bad. But this can be helped.

>games you're not terrible at
Do note some, if you would be so kind. Preferably those in this genre or something similar. How about Vanquish? What's with your lack of completion with it? What of DMC3 HD? You have that trash Lollipop Chainsaw (curious). Reminds me of another fellow. I believe it was Nuts/Fandango. He played it to dress up his waifu. How about you, sailor? Shadow of the Damned is another questionable case. These aside, let's focus on good games. Back to Vanquish, DMC3, GoW *general*, Bayonetta, etc. We'll not waste time on casual trash like that OVA (Asura's Wrath). No real game there. About the only vet I know of that would want to discuss NG3 would be Taz, but I doubt he would bother with you. C:LoS would also involve him, Shin, Franchise, Hotel, etc. for combat. It's just not too favorably held. The list goes on with what seem to be all the flags for a casual fan of Action games. One who isn't skilled in any of them, really.

NOTE: How do you justify some of the DBZ games you have even touched? Do you hate yourself too?

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#283
>not to keen on your casual status
In only that I don't believe you are and you can be more (with my aid). Help me, help you to help yourself. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you. You dig?

>topic of scrub
>denotes 'solid' ability
I don't think you understand the term, my boy. I imagine you to have one of the scrub definitions in your head. A definition of scrubs for scrubs, you see. Your mentality is in question with MP. You speak of being poor with FPS. I don't doubt your word, but I'm more interested in your mindset. How do you feel about exploits, bugs, glitches, cheap tactics, etc.? The same for fighters (not sure why you would play online, if you do so).

NOTE: As for being "solid", is that to say you believe you would hold up on a tournament? That is what that community does, yes?

Yet you don't seem too keen on taking them in stride. Symptoms of an ITG tend to crop up. Most curious. I've not seen one of those in a few weeks. Do you imagine yourself as 'hard'? Tough, perhaps? Come now. Mind your surroundings. Perhaps it can be blamed on a culture of honor. What say you? Is that how it is?

My success is a given. The nature of the game, really. If it is played, I have won.

>talk about
What's to talk about? Bayonetta dominates these nobodies. 2easy.

HHH: >back to
Bayonetta solos them both. Takes down Asura easily as well.

SBK: >aren't
Good eye.

>assessment on the casual
Sounds about right. But is he also a scrub? Could be.

>that's the default
With good reason.

>such as
Fine questions deserve fine answers. How about it, Heero, old boy?

>hot and bothered
At least, not in this sense. If he wishes to rub my feet, I might just allow it.

Oh lawd.

User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#284
MrStarkiller posted...

But chit-chatting is what we're doing, bro.

The change in my presentation only applies to when I'm talking to you. Just so you know what I'm responding to, as your post is broken into pieces. As for le jargon? I talks how I talks.

lawl, reality. If you were focused on reality, you'd stop slapping your glove against a computer screen. Or maybe you're just trying to pass of a metaphorical glove slap as a factual one. But even more silly is how you seem so intent on proving that you aren't trying, but doing. Wanna focus on reality? Actually do it.

But America is where I live. Regardless of the internet, America remains a free country. The point hasn't changed or been debunked just because you bring up the medium we're speaking through.

So go claim dem royalties!

We, referring to you and I, brah.

Righteous blows. To your computer screen. Right. Altered presentation. Solely when speaking to you, so as to address your broken post. Okay then.

I chuckled. Feel free to keep trying with that glove slap thing, though. :D

16 year old girls, no. What does that have to do with being excitable, though? Silly man!

Sounds like a personal problem.

At some point.

And your judgement for terrible is based on?

Lawl, context jokes.

You're welcome to that opinion. Bad based on? I really hope you don't mean based on finished difficulties.

Haven't completed Vanquish due to laziness. DMC3 HD, I already thoroughly beat the PS2 version of both the original and the SE, so playing through it again is simply for le lulz. Lollipop Chainsaw, I wanted to try it. It was funny. Shadows of the Damned, I've been playing whenever my girlfriend comes through, as the game is one of the few that catches her interest. Asura's Wrath was awesome. It ain't anything resembling a deep action game, but as a gaming experience, it was one of my favorite efforts this gen. Seeing as you've dismissed pretty much anything but Bayonetta, GoW and DMC as casual, exactly what action games do you consider marks of a non-casual action gamer? As far as games I'm good at, I specialize more in fighting and racing games as opposed to action games. SF3, SFIV, SSFIV:AE , MvC3, UMvC3, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear X2, GGX2:AC, MK9, SoulCalibur III, SCIV (Not so much SCV), Burnout Paradise, NFS: Hot Pursuit, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Race Driver: GRiD. As far as other genres, I generally prefer stuff like Monster Hunter, Demon's Souls, The Elder Scrolls series, Phantasy Star Online/Universe.

Out of curiosity, why do you speak of casual gaming like it's a bad thing?

No need for justification. I played 'em. Haven't really enjoyed 'em in this gen though. Loved the original Budokai/Tenkaichi series though.

I love that anime!

I don't much care for bugs or exploits. They're nice to watch in videos, but I don't like using them. I much prefer playing in person to playing online. No lag, no excuses.

Response Note!: For a few rounds. I'm nothing resembling top tier, but I can thrash most people.

Taking imagined blows across my face in stride. Hmm. I wonder why I wouldn't want to do that. Nah. I think I'll just chuckle. ITG? Internet Tough Guy? Let's not even go there, MrStarkiller. That's excessively silly territory.

You're welcome to that opinion.

Well, while you're welcome to that opinion, that's not the topic at hand. How do you feel about Kratos vs. Dante, bro?
GT: FroznLockz, PSN: SpectreAlpha
"Tatakai no naka ni, kotai wo aru."

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#285
Heero, pls. Stahp. You're hurting yourself. Also, mind the terms, won't you?

>what we're doing
So skilled am I, that you don't even noticed the changes. Damn, I'm good. Makes me want to kiss myself.

>do it for me
Is it love?

>broken into pieces
"You're missing the point." - Super Buu

>le jargon
Come now. I don't believe even those boys dance to that fool's tune any longer.

>do it
I already have. Thus the glove print across a noisy student's face. It is better that you learn to listen well. In time, you shall understand this is done for you. Not to you.

>still going on about non-internet concerns
Mind your surroundings, lad.

Mind that excitability, sport.

Rather, to the point. That you fail to denote what you address makes your attempt at the format a bastardization.

>text-based emoticon
*slips brick into glove*

You say that, yet that's precisely what you channel. It's poor form, lad.

>based on
That you're terrible. Simple as that. It's natural for a casual to be as such. I don't see why you would want to delude yourself. You claim to be comfortable with being casual, but not with the consequences of that alignment. That you are bad is a result of this mentality (as with your being a scrub). Prove me wrong.

It is for the weak, Pandora.

>due to laziness
You gave up. Simple as that. 2hardcore4u. You'll not even manage the challenges and Hard, I imagine. Nevermind God Hard.

>thoroughly beat
What does that even entail for a casual like you? Clearing the game on Normal with crap ranks? Come now.

>wanted to try it
Waifu simulator antics. Noted.

>my girlfriend
Oh, you. That's adorable.

>was awesome
Not really. It's hardly even a game. Just a bunch of cutscenes with QTEs and mini-games.

>one of your favorites
Naturally. You're a casual. Proper combat mastery and challenge don't concern you.

>anything but
I don't recall denoting God Hand or NG as such, lad.

>marks of
It is your mentality, not the game that concerns me in particular.

>fighting and racing
This aside, you a tourney type, lad? I take it you give up on denoting yourself as more than terrible at Action proper.

>Monster Hunter
Tell me more.

>Demon's Souls
Why not Dark Souls?

>Elder Scrolls
Super casual.

>Phantasy Star

>like it's a bad thing
The mentality, rather. You don't get the most out of your purchases as such. I find that to be a shame and wish to help chaps with it. If they are comfortable with the label (and I'm convinced it is so), there isn't anything to fret about, but with your sort, I'm just not sold. Sell me, why don't you? Ghost managed it. Why can't you?

>no need
Clearly I disagree.

>played them
They're garbage and you didn't see it coming?

>don't like using them
And your feeling about those that do (and beat you)? What of 'cheap tactics' in shooters, racing games, fighters, etc. regarding PvP interaction? Your thoughts?

>no lag, no excuses
That's not what some might say.

>nothing resembling top tier
The question was whether you are tournament level.

>excessively silly
Yet this is precisely the show you've put on since the original slap. Surely you don't deny this, my boy.

That is how it works. No more, no less.

>that opinion
Again, a fact. Don't make any mistake about it.

>how do I feel
Like Bayonetta would easily solo them both.

User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#286
MrStarkiller posted...

I play games because they're fun. Playing on higher difficulties rarely if ever interests me, as it's just the same game. Harder enemy difficulty is nice and all, but I play games for more than just gameplay, so I need more than that to want to replay a game. I need to want to experience it again.

My skill as a gamer? You want to test it, we can throw down at any time. Pick a game we can compete in, I'll gladly take up the challenge. If you choose an action game or single player game of some sort, I can't do anything about that. I have no recording equipment, So you would have to take my word for whatever happens. That doesn't sit well with me.

I haven't played a game yet that was too hardcore for me. I imagine that's because they're just games. The closest I've ever come was Demon's Souls, and that's conquered, so no worries there.

Haven't played Dark Souls yet, but I'll get around to it at some point.

As far as Monster Hunter goes, what do you want to know, exactly? Ask away! :D

If I lose to exploits and glitches, it sucks, but such is life. And we move on.

I've played in a few tournaments. I can say I'm at tourney level, though I'm not about to win any big name tourneys.

I've reallly been wanting to play God Hand, and at some point, I'll grab it off the PSN. Beat NGBlack, 2, Sigma 2 and 3.

I get the most out of my purchases for how I choose to enjoy le games. And at some point, I can always go back and play more if I want to. Such is the joy of owning the games.

You calling my responses to you silly is quite possibly the greatest example of the pot calling the kettle black I've seen this entire month. Thank you for the laugh. It was much appreciated.

As far as our original conversation goes, you've been solidly proving my point about my opinion of your posting style, in that it's confident, arrogant, presents your opinion as fact for some reason, and is needlessly antagonistic, though I'm sure you won't see it that way. I imagine you think it's just blunt and healthily honest. It is sincerely lacking in humility, grace, respect and courtesy. Just wanted you to know.

And lastly, bypassing whatever other snarky comments I missed, I didn't ask what you thought about Bayonetta. I asked what you thought about Kratos vs. Dante. Stick with the program, guy.
GT: FroznLockz, PSN: SpectreAlpha
"Tatakai no naka ni, kotai wo aru."

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#287
>continued misrepresentation
Mind those terms, lad.

Sounds pretty casual. Also, you've managed to give a meaningless answer:

>just the same game
Come now. You should know better.

>more than just gameplay
Gameplay is king, lad.

*knowing grin*

>test your skill
So then, ready to be taught the ropes? Which GoW entry would you like to start with? GoW1, perhaps?

>throw down
Oh, boy, here comes the PvP talk (in a discussion regarding PvE *SP*). You're making the same mistake as the other casuals of my recent dealings, boy.

>no recording equipment
Your point? Write-ups, lad. You leave it to me. I'll make this easier on you. GoW is selected. Now pick the entry you wish to start with.

>your word
Is it so lacking that you can't be trusted? Is this what you are trying to convey?

>doesn't sit well
You let me worry about that.

>I imagine
I'm sure.

>Demon's Souls
Color me unimpressed. I'm more interested in self-imposed challenges and other such things (going 'beyond', if you will).

>want to know
What's the best porn artist/series for that franchise? I liked the one with the bad guy who went tsundere for the random female warrior he apparently raped in the past (then fell in love with).

>text-based emoticon
That's terrible and you should feel terrible.

Mind that excitability, sport.

>it sucks
That doesn't address the question (not entirely). What do you make of this and cheap tactics (when you lose to them)?

>tourney level
So low level like DSP? Would you say you would beat him at his 'fighter' of choice?

>notes 3
You didn't read the writing on the wall?

>God Hand
There's a good lad. Fresh Hard KMS NUR+ for you, yes?

>get the most
You say that, yet you make it clear there is still much for you to learn.

>go back
And yet you haven't. But perhaps today is the day, eh?

Dust collectors. Neat clutter, friend.

You making racist jokes, son?

>the laugh
Come now. We both know better. Why pretend otherwise?

S-s-stop. It's not that great, b-baka! *blushes*

What's all this now?

You imagine yourself the protagonist in this tale, Heero? Jokes aside, nothing wrong with opposing views and the like, wouldn't you agree? Why do you highlight this in your assessment as a negative with my style? Do you imply something more with it? Do tell.

>won't see it that way
Oh, but I do.

>it's just
That too.

>lacking in humility
"It can't be helped." - My Chinese Cartoons

You wound me.

What gives you this idea, old bean?

Seems like a repeat.

>just wanted to vent
I'm sure.

Giving up the ghost, are we? Don't go and disappoint me now. We've hardly even gotten started and you want to cut and run? Really, now. "Where's your motivation?" - Vergil

Dem crits, son.

>didn't ask
Your point?

>thought about 'noted'
And I told you that Bayonetta solos them. 2easy

User Info: Malus_X6

4 years ago#288
Looks like we have a new Tripweed and Ether, everyone.
PSN: LordMalus

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#289
Jesus, those posts are murder on my eyes.
Frank Zappa is God. Fact.
King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?!

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#290
Malus: Come now.

Rising: I can't be blamed for the boy not understanding the format and executing it properly. SBK learned quickly. Hotel didn't have much trouble either. He'll learn in time.

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