Kratos vs Dante

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User Info: Ryunipotent

4 years ago#301
^ You put her against ppl waaaaaay beyond her power grade. Ofcourse she would lose to those they're just too strong for her. Try putting her against wonder woman, or super girl those are more reasonable. Oh you forgot Dante Dmc 2, and 4 would beat her, and heck Dmc 5 Dante would too lol. Vergil, and Ryu would give a hell of a fight, but in the end lol he'd still win lol.
"When all is said and done, more is said than done" - Holtz, Lou

User Info: JunDageki

4 years ago#302
another one of this topic?...Pretty sure i have seen this kind of topic and it always ends as

Dante>Kratos>New Dante.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

User Info: Niyel7

4 years ago#303
God Form Kratos > Dante > Normal Kratos> New Dante

Bayoneta >>>>>>>>>>>>

Superman > Goku

Vergil + Kat DmC E.L.= Vergil DMC 3 Power > Mun-des < Mundus

User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#304
MrStarkiller posted...

I'm not gonna go into two separate posts to respond to you just to fit the whole quote in. You know what you said, I know what you said. The quote box is there so you know I'm responding to you. If the quotation is bothering you that much, well, I'm sure you'll live.

The only reason it's meaningless to you is because you play for a different reason. But it's not meaningless. You just can't identify with it. That's too bad for you. So when you say things like "playing with the window dressing" in reference to what's necessary for my enjoyment for a game, it's easy enough for me to tell you you're wrong. Gameplay alone may work for you, but it's just not enough for me.

When we're talking about gaming skill, you're going to have to expand beyond the action genre before you even think about pestering me with that. Anyone can beat on a computer. You wanna talk skill? Bring it up to a competitive level. I don't care what board we're on. We're talking about gaming and skill. That goes beyond action. If you want to have glitch and speedrun competitions, you'll have to wait until I get recording equipment.

And I already went over my word in a competitive context. Thanks for restating what I already said, I guess.

Actually beat Demon's Souls before you come talking to me about challenge, dude.

What does hate have to do with anything?

Rather than pointing out my wording, you should answer the question. What are exclamation points and emoticons hurting you any?

Moving on to you and your antagonistic posting style? It's antagonistic. You can disagree in a manner without antagonizing. You just don't. You should work on that. For instance, rather than intentionally misunderstanding and misrepresenting the idiom I chose to use in an attempt to insult and belittle my character, you could just understand what was said, and move on.

And finally, answer the question. Kratos vs. Dante? Who wins?
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User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#305
Rocky: >videos
Yes. They don't cover nearly as much ground as the write-ups though.

>pro skills
I don't need skill to manage the old showings offered up.

Maddy: >the noted
Asura is small time. Deal with it.

You sound pretty casual.

NOTE: She kills everyone in her genre. 2easy. Learn to love it.

User Info: rockman11_z

4 years ago#306
MrStarkiller posted...
Rocky: >videos
Yes. They don't cover nearly as much ground as the write-ups though.

>pro skills
I don't need skill to manage the old showings offered up.

Maddy: >the noted
Asura is small time. Deal with it.

You sound pretty casual.

NOTE: She kills everyone in her genre. 2easy. Learn to love it.

Can you show me the videos so I can learn? Will you make some videos for Ascension multiplayer as well?
Previous rank 5 all time in the world Capture the Leader/Guardian Gears of War 3. Official fiancee of Naoto Shirogane( it's canon too)

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#307
You forgot the comma, Rocky.

>show videos so you can learn
You incapable of learning from write-ups or something? The visual aid is more a last resort (for entertainment). "BigVEE". Old GoWII coverage made for the SoD FAQ when the two authors needed by my help. Never got around to finishing it though. I hate recording with my set-up and YTs issues. If you want to learn, do things my way, why don't you? Let's start properly, lad.

Run history. What entries have you played? What is the highest setting (Easy, Normal, Hard or Very Heard) cleared for each? Which challenges did you clear (CoH, CotG, CoAt, CoAr, CotT, CoO and CoE)? Always good to establish this before picking where to begin with instruction, evaluation, etc. Then we'll make a thread, provide a run skeleton to fill and begin the process as has been done for years.

NOTE: If more videos become necessary, my students, peers and associates among vets will suffice. It's unlikely to come to that too often (only chaotic cases like the Translator tend to warrant this). In such cases, I would be the one making suggestions of the video to watch, noting what is right/wrong and making suggestions based on yourself and your run.

>videos for MP
>vet of a SP series
>PvE focused genre
>making PvP videos
Why would I want to be doing that? Why would I even be playing such heresy? The only encouragement is NG+1 (playing as the MP Champion with alternate weapons/abilities in the SP with altered foe layout). And that's only if they didn't drop it like I believe they have done. A most curious question, indeed.

User Info: fourthehellofit

4 years ago#308
I like all HnS games, but this is the order.

Asura- easily beyond the mysterious beyond in power.

Death - the horseman.

Kratos- his will power is equal to Asura's and with will you can do anything believe it! He willed himself back to life.

War- the horseman.

Dante- he can beat bayonetta with sheer skill.

Vergil- could beat Dante in a rematch no doubt about, but since he lost once hes right under Dante.

Bayonetta - very powerful the great minds (MEN) made a really good character for men to fantasize about. Only a man could create such a work of art as far as gameplay. Wouldnt have played it had any women were important in making it. Kamiya is genius nuff said I suppose.

Ryu- True dragon sword.

Nero- Good but inexperienced but still powerful enough to beat Raiden.

Starkiller- Nero and Starkiller are basically equal.

Raiden - hes very skilled but not a powerhouse like the rest.

The top 8 can all beat each. They are all on the same it could go either way circumstances, conditions and what not. This is the order though no opinion in my mind fact. I could care less about any others.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#309
>the order
Not in power. Not remotely. Bayonetta is tops.

>horseman death
Surely you jest. As with War.

Don't be silly.

>Vergil beating Dante
Unlikely, to be brutally honest.

Power fantasies, no doubt. You wouldn't imply anything sexist, misogynistic, etc. I'm sure. Check your privilege, cis scum.

>forgetting the apostrophe
Do you find it womanly to effectively communicate?

I don't know, lad. Force is pretty potent stuff.

Not exactly a slouch these days.

>doesn't care about others
Not into Donte, DI Dante, Enoch, Gabriel Belmondo *hohoho*, etc.?

>the order
Bayonetta kills them all. 2easy. The boys have no tools to keep up with her abilities. "It is known."
(message deleted)

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