This game inspired me to play DMC4...any good?

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  3. This game inspired me to play DMC4...any good?

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#1
I beat DMC1, 3, and this DmC reboot...i played 2 and thought it was a piece of trash after 2 days i sold it. LOL.

anyways, am i going to like this game more than the reboot? i Liked DMC1, i loved DMC3 (though it was too hard with the backtracking IMO), and DmC was perfect, albeit a bit too easy, i loved it as well.

Hows DMC4? Only one i have yet to beat, but im ready to go!

User Info: AlexxShadenk777

4 years ago#2
The general consensus of this board is that DMC4 is good. I think that one's just a piece of crap.
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User Info: smithkakarot

4 years ago#3
Leaps and bounds above this.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#4
im free of bias and im starting it now ill give you my first impressions.

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#5
correction i am installing it now. mandatory install lol. its telling me the backstory while i install of dmc1-3 this is nice. nice brain refresher.

User Info: zeroone01

4 years ago#6
It's good. I don't keep up with other people's opinion so much, and so when I originally got DMC4, I though it was great and had a blast with it. Yea, at first I was like "Who is this guy?" when I had to play as Nero, but in the end he felt right at home in a DMC game.

User Info: Runoth

4 years ago#7
DMC 4 is alright. The story is awful, and so is the level design, but the gameplay is solid. Playing as Nero is pretty fun at first, but his only real depth comes from mastering a technique (Revving) that takes dozens of hours of practice to pull off consistently. If you put in the time, you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of it, but again, the level design gets in the way of replay value.

When you get to play as Dante, it's pretty sweet. Switching between 4 styles on the fly makes him the best incarnation of classic Dante to date. Some of the styles are toned down from DMC 3, but the amount of options you have available to you are pretty staggering. 3 ranged weapons, 3 melee weapons, and 5 styles to switch to at any time.

That being said, I beat it once, tried Bloody Palace a few times, then never touched it again. Give 4 a shot - it's definitely worth playing, it's just not on the level of DMC 3.

User Info: SHMYazoo

4 years ago#8
It's not a bad game, but it was disappointing. Probably a 6/10 to me.

Nero is just not fun to play with, in my opinion, and Dante, while awesome, has to backtrack the areas you already explored with Nero and fight the same boss fights again... Also, the enemies clearly were designed with the Devil Bringer in mind, which puts some people off.

Bosses are interesting, but again, fighting them over and over and over can be a chore. Dice games shouldn't exist in a game like this. Story is bad, in my opinion. It was fun playing as Dante, you'll love Style Switching in this one, if you liked the Styles system in DMC3.
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User Info: DarkRay117

4 years ago#9
DMC 4 was my first Devil May Cry game and my first hack and slash, and I freakin loved it. I also loved DmC so.

User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#10
It has problems... the plot feels very undeveloped, and levels are reused excessively. That said, game was loads of fun. Just finished DMD here recently, in fact.
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  3. This game inspired me to play DMC4...any good?

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