I'm seeing a pattern here...

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  3. I'm seeing a pattern here...

User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
4 years ago#1
Kat - meh
various demons - ew
various angels - largely absent

Dante - naked
Vergil - (claims to be) well endowed, confesses his love to Dante

Then there's that picture where we could be staring at angel asses, except they're blurred and out of focus. What's in focus? Dante. Naked.

(There's also that pic of Dante and Vergil shirtless, but God help you if you find that in any way hot.)
(message deleted)

User Info: smithkakarot

4 years ago#3
Madigari posted...
Now Falcon has to use Google to find something to jerk it to. Thanks a lot, Tameem! When will your harassment of the TRUE fans end?!

He'll always have that drawing I did of a Frankenstein monster that looks like a girl in her early to mid-teens wearing an aristocrat-lolita outfit...kidding! I'm kidding!
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta

User Info: Nick_Kazama

4 years ago#4
Vorgil would like Donte to put his "sword" inside his "sheath" if you know what I mean.
My harem -
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  3. I'm seeing a pattern here...

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