Things that better and worse in DmC combat?

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User Info: Farting_Newt

4 years ago#11
I never got the 'combat is slower' sensation that a lot of people talk about. I actually booted up DMC3 and 4 to investigate, and the only way this game is slow in comparison is if turbo mode is enabled on the older ones, and even then it's not by much. Without Turbo modes (which weren't originally in either version) Dante swings about the same speed, Nero swings slower unless you IR everything (like you should!).

But yeah, Eryx feels like it has a tiny moveset--like you have to combine it with Arbiter's distance moves to get a full weapon... One positive thing about Angel/Demon only enemies is they teach you to combo within angel stance/demon stance, after tons of them I kinda feel Osiris/Acquilla as one sort of weapon and Eryx/Arbiter as another. In both cases I use one weapon for most of the grunt work (Osiris, Eryx) and frequently switch to the other for single special moves and then back.

User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#12

Wrong Team Kills and Enviro Kills
8 Weapons at once
Some moves from each style without having to choose a specific style


Not a lof of moves
No lock on
No taunt
DT is horrible

User Info: tehXdemiXazn

4 years ago#13
There is a reason. I made a thread on just charge moves a few days ago. And edited the wiki. Eryx has no just charges. None. Zero.
... Nope, it's still the same.

User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#14
Eh, 4 had Quick Drive, it was really easy to pull off and didn't interrupt your combo.

User Info: TwistedRyu

4 years ago#15
I was actually going to make a topic about this, but here's my thoughts:

+ Added crossover pause combos (get to a point in a combo chain that lets you use the pause combo, switch to another weapon and use its pause combo as the follow-up). It expands basic combo chains and is really good for delayed moves that take a while to execute, like Trinity Smash.

+ Option to use Snatch (Demon Pull)/Grim Grip (Angel Lift) manually instead of enemy type determining which one you'd use. I'm sure people would've loved this option with Nero's Devil Bringer

+/- Stinger lvl1 is Stinger lvl2 from the previous games (minus DMC2), i.e. it already has a sliding maneuver attached to it instead of having to buy Stinger lvl2 to include it. So Stinger lvl2 in this game is simply more sliding distance. However, Million (now Trillion) Stabs needing to be bought instead of it being free as well as the new forward forward execution is meh.

+ Helm Breaker being a true knockdown. In DMC3/4, you had to JC to make it knockdown only, otherwise it would be a hybrid knockdown/knockback which forces you to chase down an enemy to continue a combo (and my usual response would be Stinger>Million Stab, but with Trickster I'd do Dash/Air Trick instead). Here, a Helm Breaker knockdown puts the enemy right at your feet, so anything can be used as a follow-up

+ Charge-only moves execute rather quickly, so comboing into them is much easier. Using charged moves in combos from previous games usually required certain setups to get them to fit in fluidly without awkward transitioning (i.e. using Lucifer explosions to connect a Round Trip in a juggle instead of the more likely case of using Round Trip on a grounded enemy) and were more impressive, but more comboability isn't a bad thing

+ Round Trip, easily the best and most broken version of it yet. If not binded to an Angel weapon, that thing would probably 3x your damage output for how long it lasts.

+ Air combo moves already attached to weapons (Rebellion, Osiris, and Aquila) by default. DMC2 Dante had an air combo move, DMC3 Dante could only use air combo moves w/ Swordmaster (otherwise air combos with melee weapons would be strictly JC'ing), and DMC4 Dante had to buy Swordmaster lvl2 to even use Aerial Rave (lame). Dark Slayer/Yamato Aerial Rave came for free, sure, but not even having an air combo move right off the bat when the previous game (DMC3) did on top of having to buy the ability to JC just seems awful.

- JC'ing seems like an afterthought. Alex Jones probably hit Ninja Theory over the heads with a bat several times regarding the inclusion of JC'ing to quell complaints about lack of combat depth, but when you have the Ophion Whip and a whole bunch of aerial attacks that give you so much hang time, JC'ing has little use besides increasing your aerial attack-per-second output.

- When they said they were streamlining styles, I personally feel they only took Swordmaster and Gunslinger into account. Royalguard was replaced with the universal weapon parrying system which is useless when you have Demon Dodge lvl2 power boosts, and Trickster doesn't really have any representation. Angel Boost isn't a true air dash (it's more of a brief air glide), and Angel Dodge is purely an evasive manuever when Trickster was both an offensive and defensive style. Angel Lift is about the closest thing to Trickster.

That's pretty much all I have to add. Some people are going to beat on a dead horse on some negatives (DT, lack of lock-on, etc.) so I don't need to add that
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