This proves gamers are self entitled brats

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  3. This proves gamers are self entitled brats

User Info: GwizAlch

4 years ago#171
Megiddo_Flare posted...
You don't sound very happy.

TheBestGman2007 posted...
*sits in lawnchair*

*munches popcorn*

Dis gun' be good!
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User Info: 5hadows

4 years ago#172
So if I don't like something I'll still have to buy it because I'll be a self entitled brat?

And you guys don't like when I call you Sheep.
Ill add something here later....

User Info: lokithefool

4 years ago#173
LOL I thought we where done with topics like this with the "victory" of the anti's, but oh well I will throw in my two cents. This game failed because it was a mediocre title with meh gameplay, and virtually no replay value. Also it was a new IP despite Capcom thinking that super gluing the Devil May Cry name to it would change that.

With no fans going in, bad word of mouth which despite what you may think is more affective then news outlets, and overall a level of mediocrity from a company no could care less about these sales where predictable to say the least.

User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#174
RD_21 posted...
malicemizerfan posted...

Your argument doesn't sit right with me, let me clarify.

1: They DID spit in our face. They have insulted us, insulted the franchise and at EVERY turn tried cheap tactics to make it appear like the game was liked, like being forced to "like" it before being allowed to comment, or saying that "it's the most discussed DMC game ever".

2: No, they never even said about wanting to reboot it. The trailer came and we saw a very unlikable sadistic drug addict torturing a demon with a cigarette and them proclaiming it's Dante. It came later, and they called the people who didn't like the direction sheep.

3: It didn't evolve. It was changed, but not all change is evolution. This has been leaps back in just about every single way in the most important aspects of an action game, namely the gameplay.

4: We gave him the benefit of the doubt many times. The main issue is that he kept saying terrible things nobody should say when your game is already under fire.
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User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#175
happychappy654 posted...
RD_21 posted...
darkdragon_9600 posted...
English isn't my first language, thus I might be wrong here, but being entitled to something would mean that I expect something to be given/please me because I ''deserve'' it? Correct me if I'm mistaken.

Now, I'm a costumer. I bought nearly all Capcom's games. I supported the damn company and helped make it what it became.

They can have my money, but I can't say that I dislike what they did to their franchise?

He is not saying you can't complain, but he's saying that the mentality of saying it's a bad game or wanting to destroy it and fight it to the death is being entitled. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. At least that's the way I'm seeing it.

Spot on. This topic does prove my point, right down to the bone. I knew it would.

The only point this topic is proving is that there are immature people in the world, and you are sinking to their level while trying to act as if you're better, rather than attempting to have a civil discussion.
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User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#176
The hate will die down, like it did with SFXT and RE6.

User Info: I_hate_cocoa

4 years ago#177
CKnight posted...
The hate will die down, like it did with SFXT and RE6.

ME3... Deus E- *chokes*

User Info: SigmaHaciel

4 years ago#178
syctheweilder posted...
Publishers are not entitled to our money.

Also your numbers are wrong, but i'll let someone else straighten you out.


We don't HAVE to open our wallets at all. We aren't street-walkers for video games.

User Info: happychappy654

4 years ago#179
Vergil92 posted...
TC is a well known troll. Please do not feed him >.>

This here folks, is a prime example of someone refusing to recognize what someone is actually saying, merely so they can continue to argue an imaginary point. Strawman fallacy I believe.

After all, if you're calling me a troll you clearly aren't acknowledging the point. Not to mention that the vast majority of people are upset at my posts - the only reason for being so would be because people are oversensitive or simply hypocrites in that I'm.essentially being told to be quiet due to MY view....Yet the antis cannot handle being told that the way they express themselves is overly childish, obsessive and just plain...pathetic.

You'd think if people see me as a troll, pathetic etc then they would simply ignore the topic. Instead they feel compelled to reply because they feel their obsessive methods of expression are being threatened

User Info: tehXdemiXazn

4 years ago#180
Only posting because your incorrect use of fallacies irritates me. That's an ad hominem, dismissing an argument via an attack on your character. Use your logic terms correctly or not at all.

Edit: Also after reading your post again, you are blatantly antagonistic and attempting to goad a negative response out of your opposition. Nowhere do you argue in an objective fashion and so the amount of respect you seem to feel you deserve is not equivalent to the amount of consideration your opinion actually merits. All this without even needing to address your opinion itself.
... Nope, it's still the same.
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