Why this game is just as much YOUR fault as NT and Capcom's.

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  3. Why this game is just as much YOUR fault as NT and Capcom's.

User Info: AgitoXIII

4 years ago#111
Biggest load of crap I've ever heard on gamefaqs what the OP wrote. I don't even plan on buying this game but know all about it and it's controversy and played previous titles in the series.

So OP, if we all dressed up like a church boy and politely asked Capcom to please make a "better" game they would have done it right? Just like devs ALWAYS listen to EVERYTHING a fanbase asked for right? Oh, and the fanbase is supposed to all have the same collective belief and ask for the same thing?

dude somebody hit you over the head with something.
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User Info: Varuney

4 years ago#112
automasophia posted...
Just another blame game with no clear winner.

This one is joking. I hope so, at least.
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User Info: EntropyZero

4 years ago#113
I dont think so OP, DMC2 was a radical change and had a lot of hate.
Then Capcom got their s**t together.

Sure maybe something can be done if we all play nice, but be honest to yourself, it won't happen.
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User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#114
EntropyZero posted...
I dont think so OP, DMC2 was a radical change and had a lot of hate.
Then Capcom got their s**t together.

And it was THEN, after the huge and deserved backlash DMC2 had, that Capcom listened to fans feedback giving us DMC3.

And then after that they returned to square one...

User Info: demonfang178

4 years ago#115
Taizuku posted...

You can't point out flaws in a rude way and expect someone to take it kindly.

You do when that person is the face of a company. Fighting childishness with childishness is...childish.

I have never seen an anti give a calm reasoning for why they dislike it to a pro and not be condescending.

A legit flaw is a legit flaw. It doesn't matter what the person's intention or temperament was.

Come on now, Tai,

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#116
Tai-chan is super serial.

User Info: Urukazzi

4 years ago#117
First of all, I really doubt that people fighting on message boards outside of Capcom's really effected their choices all that much, and from what I've heard the Unity boards were ruled with an iron fist anyway. Dealing with backlash is part of being a company. Hell, they probably planned for this level of hate anyway; it's not like taking a cult franchise and dumbing it down to get at dat GoW moneyz was ever going to go over well with the fans.

Second, there is no "uniformly and civilized" in this situation, because despite you fools separating yourself into factions, the only thing the "antis" and "pros" have in common is that they hate or like the game. There's no doctrine that all the "antis" follow, they don't go to church to find out what aspect of the game to hate today, they are individuals who happen to have a single shared opinion on something. They have different gripes, different ideas for what they want the series to do.

Third, ask anyone who plays WoW or League of Legends what acting civilly when voicing your concerns gets you. I'm guessing the answer won't be developers changing their minds. If you don't go on a rampage, all you get is developer double talk while they go ahead and do whatever it is they wanted to in the first place.

Most of the changes the antis would want, even if they had been "civil," don't make sense to get changed before the game gets released anyway.

The story? Nobody knew what it was until the cutscenes hit Youtube; sure, people predicted it was going to suck, but then there's the pro company line, right? "You haven't even played it doioioioioi."

The combat? Again, people were pointing things out that looked bad from the first trailers. "You haven't even played it doioioioioi." Then the demo came out, and they took that apart. "You haven't even played the full version doioioioi." Capcom didn't even need to dodge the concerns about the combat, pros did it for them.

What about the frame rate? It's an Unreal Engine 3 game on console; 60 fps was a pipe dream from the start. Yes, there are some UE games that are 60, but NT is not those developers.

The overall design? Yeah, I'm sure if we asked nicely NT would have thrown out years worth of assets and story planning just to appease us. Never mind the clear disdain Ol' Tammy showed for the series from the beginning.

Personally? I was done with the game the moment I saw the rumor that Ninja Theory was making it. I doubt that was going to change pre-release.

They made the game, and asked for money. Antis judged it, and found it lacking. End of story. Unless you honestly believe that people arguing on message boards and comments holds more weight than a metacritic of 85, and mass endorsement from the majority of popular commentators (Penny Arcade, even). I don't recall asking for baby's first action game, or for a half-assed attempt at social commentary, so no, I don't accept any blame for NT deciding to make that, and I sure as hell don't accept any blame for not buying it. If they want my money, they need to make a game up to my standards.

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#118

The PR was hostile to us the entire time. It is unreasonable to expect the unwashed masses to be polite when the professionals don't.

We tried giving constructive criticism and we got insults and dismissed.

In that circumstance all we can do is warn others that this game will be flawed and inferior and has dev's that don't respect their customers.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#119
The antis are not guilty of this crap.

User Info: VIIVincent

4 years ago#120
its to please the consumer and frankly, it didnt appeal to the consumer from way back. people already dont like it. so what did NJ and Capcom do? they still went with it. good riddance this game flopped. for a fanbase to totally ruin this game will teach them a lesson. or at least Capcom will never give to NJ again.
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  3. Why this game is just as much YOUR fault as NT and Capcom's.

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