Capcom Wanted GoW Sales Figures

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User Info: SolidxSnake

4 years ago#11
bigdom93 posted...
the short answer is Devil may cry 2 destroyed any momentum that the first game built up

This. DMC3 was a really awesome game. but it didn't sell near what it could have because DMC2 ruined the series reputation. Though they made up some of the sales with the Special Edition of DMC3, so overall if you combine DMC3 + SE they probably hit around 2 million. DMC4 sold even more than DMC1 and DMC3+SE with around 2.7 million.

DMC4 might have sold even more had they not cut it's budget. They lost half of their budget, and that forced them to reuse Nero's levels for Dante rather than have him fight in Hell closing hell gates. It still sold pretty well despite this. They had finally got their momentum back, and they throw it all away to try and make some edgy, immature, westernized DmC game.

Here's the problems: They let Ninja Theory of all people do it, they went about it the wrong way, and it really didn't need a reboot at all.

Ninja Theory is a mediocre developer who had no business ever touching a series like DMC. It's like letting the guys who made Big Rigs make the next Gran Turismo. If they wanted an edgier DMC, they should have kept it in the same style that the game was known for. Not some stereo-typical game that involves random swearing, and immature/poorly written attempts at edginess and humor.
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User Info: Liquid_Acid

4 years ago#12
Posted 2/7/2013 12:08:47 PM
message detail
So, why didn't they get them with the previous DMC entries?

I personally think it's because: the marketing is better geared toward Westerners, its spectacle, eye-catching boss battles, a more recognizable theology and drawing in casual gamers with easy button-mashing game mechanics...

I just think DMC needed to ramp up their marketing and perhaps make more spectacle-themed boss battles to show in trailers.

Am I off base here?

Well, I don't think I ever seen a DMC commercial in my life...I remember GOW1 getting a TON of commercials on a ton of channels when I use to watch TV...Not only commercials on TV, but ads everywhere, Walmart, Target, etc...Even online ads...

DMC? Nothing really...

I guess the style catches anyone eyes...Kratos a buff dude, ripping guys apart, etc...the violence and gore....

Capcom should of let Santa Monica games develop DMC hahaha..,
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User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#13
bigdom93 posted...
the short answer is Devil may cry 2 destroyed any momentum that the first game built up

Exactly. Finally someone who tells the real reason.

After the initial success of DMC, the sequels had the chance to sell over 3.5 million copies at least, based on the awesomeness of the first game.
Capcom failed in this department and the momentum was lost.

That's why DMC3 sold even less than DMC2 despite being amazing and the most favourite in the series.
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User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#14
So there we have it. Good chat, lads.

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

4 years ago#15
they need a bald MC. the box art matters for a lot of people.
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