Finished my playthrough of the series. (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#1

Honestly other than the boss fights. DmC is not that bad. I wouldn't even say average. I agree that it is more casual but they made it very clear that they were trying to bring in a new audience and having a more casual game is a good way to do that. That and I'm more of a guy who plays games to relax so I welcome the easy difficulty. However the bosses are TOO easy. Having said that though there were some easy bosses in the previous games to.

DMC3 bosses I feel had it right. There was no cheap ways of beating them except for the horse boss where all you need to do is stay on the chariot and slash away. And the centipede just wasn't a fun fight.

DMC1's bosses had a few cheap things you could do. Air Raid can kill Phantom in a matter of seconds. A few fireballs from Ifrit can potentially kill Griffon in 3 hits. Have Nightmare use his ice beam and slash at his core all day etc. The only well designed bosses were Nelo and Mundus. Nelo may have had telegraphed attacks but they did alot of damage to you so it was balanced.

DMC4's bosses were almost a joke with Buster and Real Impact but at least you had to beat them to a point to use said attacks and getting them to that point could be challenging in of itself.

DMC2 you just had to shoot your guns or throw knives at them.

With DmC all the bosses except for Vergil were jokes and even then the fight doesn't compare to Vergil 2 or 3 in DMC3 (Its better than the first fight though.) Only certain attacks should ever be telegraphed, those moves being the ones that can kill you in a few hits. None of the bosses were like that except for Mundus on DMD mode (seriously it takes over half your life bar and yes I got hit and yes I am ashamed.)

Other than that I still felt that the regular enemies were challenging at times. Yeah the Stygians are the second to worst grunt types (DMC2's skeleton cages being worst.) But I thought the rages, tyrants, witches, dreamrunners, and those big saw guys (forget the name) were pretty good, and this game mixed and matched them sometimes making it fairly difficult at times.

As for color coded enemies the only thing that particularly bothered me was the angelic rages. The angel weapons were meant for crowds of weaker enemies and thus these enemies took FOREVER to kill. If it were up to me if you were going to do the color coded thing at all I would have had crowds of blue enemies and maybe 1 tough red enemy in the mix. Overall the color coded enemies didn't bother me to much because previous DMC's may not have forced you to use certain weapons but there were strategies that were better than others and most of those strategies required using a specific weapon. For example frosts were tough with Alastor but using Ifrit on them made them easy. Speaking of which Alastor was useless against Plasmas and you had to shoot the Shadows before getting to there core (kinda similar to having to use Angel weapons in order to break a witches shield) and the shotgun made Sin's a joke. I could go on but the only game where you had true freedom was DMC3 as any weapon was effective nearly all the time. In a way this was kind of a bad thing though as enemies didn't require much strategy in DMC3. (bosses aside of course)

Having said that I think the pinnacle of the games was specifically playing as Dante in DMC4. DMC4 however suffered for having to play as Nero for most of the game which is why I say DmC=DMC4. Dante in DMC4 can do a lot llike DmC Dante hell he can do even MORE and the enemies and the bosses were just so much better. It really is to bad you only had 7 missions of this awesomeness. If they do make a DMC5 they should really return to this style of play, perhaps even have MORE styles like a grapple style that way Dante can have access to some of Nero's DB mechanics like he did in DmC.
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User Info: megaultrarice34

4 years ago#2
733 words
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User Info: ReliusClover

4 years ago#3
The correct answer was: DMC1 > DMC4 > DMC3 (some may disagree here) > DmC = DMC2
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User Info: ShadowZero007

4 years ago#4
In terms of how much I enjoyed them overall

DMC > DMC3 = DmC > DMC4 > DMC2

In terms of overall gameplay quality/fidelity

DMC4 > DMC3 > DmC > DMC > DMC2
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User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#5
ReliusClover posted...
The correct answer was: DMC1 > DMC4 > DMC3 (some may disagree here) > DmC = DMC2

Indeed, I disagree.

DMC3>>>> DMC4> DMC1>>> DmC>>>>> DMC2

But granted, it's all subjective in the end.
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User Info: dohdough

4 years ago#6
DmC Vergil isn't a joke? That's a joke in itself.

User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#7
DmC=DMC4>DMC3>DMC1>DMC2 is just my preference. I could make several lists though.








DmC>DMC1>DMC3>DMC4>DMC2 (What can I say I loved Limbo)




DMC4>DMC3>DmC>DMC1>DMC2 (Lets face it every game has a different personality for Dante.)

My point is every DMC game has its strengths (cept 2.) And I prefer DmC to most of them. DMC4 being a very close second if not just as much. (If it focused on Dante instead of Nero I would probably like it more.)
When coincidence is so convenient, I prefer to call it fate.

User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#8
While I disagree completely, there's one thing that bugs me.

How in the world can you say Vergil 2 is harder than Vergil 1?

He leaves himself open all the god damn time, it's ridiculously easy to get him out of DT, too.

User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#9
DmC controls were a bit too clustered to me. Each trigger having a different effect with the pull or pull in close claw thing took some getting used too. As did holding a trigger to use the different weapons, ect.

User Info: dissonant

4 years ago#10
DMC3's combat system is perfection, and I'm saying this as someone who very much enjoyed DmC's gameplay.

You had the style system that allowed for offense, defense, and avoidance as well as crowd control. You had a goodly amount of weapons, both melee and ranged, that could be mixed and matched for your style of play. You had cancelling (for example: jump cancelling and E&I->Spiral->E&I) and precise invulnerability frames that forced you to learn enemy patterns. The style rankings encouraged varying your approach, which in turn usually kept you alive longer since you weren't spamming attacks, a strategy that was more likely than not to get you killed.

What it really comes down to, however, is precision. DMC3 was pitch-perfect in terms of control. You never felt like you weren't at fault for any mistake you made, no matter how careless. You were always in control, frame-by-frame.

I can point out flaws in the overall game design of DMC3 left and right (oh god, can it be painful at times), but its combat system is superb and unmatched in the genre. It's a game I can pick up and instantly pick up where I left off in terms of skill no matter how long it's been since I last played, or how faded my mind is on substances. The mechanics stick into your memory like sap-enhanced super glue. It's a beautiful thing.
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