This is getting pathetic.

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  3. This is getting pathetic.

User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#11
It was all about the hair.
ScrewAttack said so, it must be true.

User Info: Muscle Buster

Muscle Buster
4 years ago#12
Funny...I hear pros and 'gaming journalists' say 'it's about the hair' more than I do antis.

I think we know who has the issue with Dantameem's 'do...
Don't look at me like that, you cretin. /

User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#13
Either way this will circulate and the so called "Antis"(seriously the name alone is wacky) will look like pathetic fanboys.

Heck many of you should be well aware that something small can be blown way out of proportion, that the minority can be mistaken for the majority and that people love jumping on bandwagons.

This just wouldn't be the wagon the Antis want people jumping on, DMC complainers being seen as pathetic losers.

But we'll see how far this goes. It could go nowhere.
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  2. DmC: Devil May Cry
  3. This is getting pathetic.

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