Okay guys, the Anti's didn't do this

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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#1
As an Anti I would happily take the blame, but if the pros truly think it's our fault the game sold poorly then I don't know what to say.

It came down to if they could make up the amount of fans that they lost. They knew they were going to lose a large portion of the fanbase when they made the game. But didn't care because they thought they could make it up with new fans.

They didn't it failed horribly. At this moment it is looking to be the least selling DMC game in history. Even being beaten out at the current moment by DMC3.

This game wasn't made to take DMC to new levels, even though DMC 2 was horrible at least you can see they were genuine about trying to improve some things. (This game IS better than DMC2 though.) This was was made for the sole purpose of getting GoW sale numbers.

That is the reason that it exists, not trying to improve the formula, not trying to make fans or consumers happy. No, it was made to fill Capcom's wallet and stroke the Ego of a D-bag producer and developer.

This game isn't horrible by itself, but the thing it represents is something truly horrible and disgusting and is the personification of all that is wrong with the gaming industry at the moment.

Because no matter what you say, games are made so that other people can have fun while the maker can make more money so that they can put out more games people can enjoy. But once a game maker gets too the point that the people who are buying the game doesn't matter that is a problem.

How is it wrong that I want a game tailored to me, and when I don't buy it I'm called entitled for not wanting to spend money on something I'll know I'll hate. If Capcom wants my money they'll have to EARN it. Something they haven't been doing lately.

And no, we as the fans do not have to EARN the right for DMC5 to be made, Capcom can make it or not. If they don't...hey one less game I have to buy from them, not like it mattered since I haven't bought one of their games Since the Zero collection.
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User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#2
I think the antis did contribute to the poor sales for sure, but yeah it can't possibly be the only reason the game flopped. They tried to cater to the masses and failed. The gave up on the Japanese market and went for a purely-Western target audience, but they epically failed at that. Ugly, unlikeable characters and overall art direction might be the main cause.
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User Info: Leon_Hisaragi

4 years ago#3
I agree with most of what you're saying.

It's not their fault. Think about it, a big reason the reboot of Devil May Cry was given such a drastic change was to appeal to a wider audience. They knew by making these changes that the original fans would've been outraged, but they probably thought and hoped that the fanbase for the franchise was already so small that it wouldn't really matter and would pick up new fans no problem. Imo that was a dumb move because there are others way to gauge how many fans really care about the franchise and the outrage should have been a clear sign that there are quite a bit of old fans left, else the backlash wouldn't have been so huge.

The Anti's weren't going to buy DmC, that was a given. However, the lack of sales from a 'newer' audience shows that the game didn't appeal to as many casual newcomers as they thought it would've. So really, what I'm saying is that it's Ninja Theory & Capcom's own damn fault. Especially with the way the PR's handled it by insulting fans? How is insulting your potential consumers ever a good idea? Anti or not, you know that isn't cool.

They would've been better off handling such a delicate situation the way it's supposed to be (delicate) by making some adjustments so that the old fans would be satisfied, but the new ones would still have something to look forward to. They did not. They chose to make matters worse and pore salt in open wounds (Dante staring in the mirror with the wig?). It's like they were demanding the older fans to not purchase it and if that's what they wanted, that's what they got.
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User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#4
No, Antis are not responsible.
Capcom has nobody to thank but themselves for hiring a sub-par dev and letting said dev... talk as he did as PR.
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User Info: karyotype

4 years ago#5
I don't get this stupid anti and pro thing. Capcom are themselves to be blamed for downfall of DmC dividing the fanbase here.
I am a fan, a hardcore DMC fan. Honestly, I don't like this game at all but as an old fan of the series, I felt obliged to buy the game whatsoever BUT that particular scene which I saw just few days ago where Donte says “Not in a million years” throwing the wig, I felt it was complete disrespect by either capcom or ninja theory to the fan's love for Dante.

User Info: sjwho2

4 years ago#6
Capcom in general hasn't cared

User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#7
No, the DMC fanbase is responsible for this game bombing
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User Info: RatedStinger

4 years ago#8
It's still stupid to try to guilt trip the Antis who aren't gonna buy the game for obvious reasons. They want people to buy their game? Then make a game that the people will like.
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User Info: ShineGreymon

4 years ago#9
I didn't like the hair

Get over it guys jesus.

I'm sorry I couldn't help it
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User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#10
I think Anti's contribute though. When someone new is interested in the game they see all the anti comments and scare the new people off.

Just saying. Sure they didn't start the fall but they certainly did help a little.
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