Platinum Games is the only right answer

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User Info: EnigmaSoul

4 years ago#21
There's probably too much bad blood between Platinum Games and Capcom, seeing as to how Platinum is made up of alot of ex-Capcom employees.

I actually prefer Itsuno's characterization of Dante more than Kamiya's but judging from their effort on DMC4, Capcom just seems to be out of ideals for the series from a narrative standpoint. They have the combat system down just fine but they had us backtracking for half of a game, which is just sloppy development.

Kamiya's team made Bayonetta near-perfection.
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User Info: Eric_Draven3

4 years ago#22
Crapcom should just sell the DMC rights to Platinum.
It's not like Crapcom's gonna do anything with it.
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  3. Platinum Games is the only right answer

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