The ultimate irony

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User Info: the4thstooge

4 years ago#81
Kyrylo posted...

there are 2 kinds of changes: improve what already exists and add something to it or throw everything that was made away to make something completely different. Second kind is only acceptable in spin off or new ip. So if it will kill the franchise (which I highly doubt) it'll be only fault of Capcom or NT..

This. Especially the bold part. I guess nobody remembers that DMC2 was also poorly received. It didn't kill the series either. Same with MGS2, for some of the same reasons as DmC.


produner posted...
DMC didn't need a major change like a reboot. The combat was probably the best and the deepest in the genre. The addition of a more intelligent and darker story could have been handled better and should have been related to the settings and storytelling style of DMC.

The changes that DmC brought were lazy art , characters, ripped off story, dumped combat, gimmicky mechanics, stupid music that barely fit the action and theme, pauses in combat, huge amount of frequent glitches and took some mechanics and moves without replacement.

DmC took most of the content and game mechanics from DMC, that is not a change. It simply replaced the style and removed most of the content from combat. Fresh, new ,change..etc. all of the previous are false claims to market DmC and justify the reboot (downgrade). DMC needed something new , not "changes" and downgrades.
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User Info: AlexxShadenk777

4 years ago#82
_Uwye_ posted...
In his eyes Dante isn't well balanced and it's "half of a game". For what I remember him mentioning.

Pretty much this, with also the story being endlessly stupid and the characters worthless.
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User Info: sillycatsteven

4 years ago#83
renskyfire posted...
Yet some of these people griping about the game NEVER bought the game. They refused to because Dante was "ruined" aka changed. If you bought the game, swell. Complain about it and try to make sure there will never be another Devil May Cry game ever made again.

lol... now we have to buy the game to have the right to dislike or complain about a game?
change =/= improvement.
also, if all of us bought DmC and prove it profitable, what can we do to stop the making of another DmC??
finally, not buying the game =/= never played the game or knowing nothing about the game. there is a demo and there are enough info on DmC before release to convince people that we don't like DmC. oh, btw, there's the option of renting it.

I still question why you're here though. I mean you made your point that you didn't like the game, so why stick around afterwords? I mean I guess if the game ticked you off that much, you might stick around a bit longer, but its been nearly a month since the game came out. Just seems a tad overboard to lurk around a forum of a game you dislike for that length of time.

it's because this forum is too fun. it's funner than DmC actually.

and i feel like quoting myself today
sillycatsteven posted...
the problem is, it's a lose/lose situation for us antis. support the game we hate, and old DMC might get killed off because the new DmC is more profitable. support the game for a chance that it might improve. don't support the game we hate and the old DMC might get killed off according to some people (don't understand their reasoning).
so why should we spend the money on a bad game we don't like just so the chance that a better game may be developed in the future? esp when the first DmC wasn't that good in the first place and any plot developing from that is highly likely to be at best mediocre.
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User Info: Torru369

4 years ago#84
I liked the new game and think its good, but no more than that. Characters are relate able, combats good and story is more solid. Its still pretty overwrought (I can't decide to go wth or laugh at the flashback where new guy puts his hand in his chest), lacks polish and has a lack of feeling of accomplishment than the old games.
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