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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#11
Plot Wise? This.
DMC5: Return of Dante can be right after DMC2, with Nero setting up a portal to get Dante out of the Demon World. He would be at a castle, gathering items needed for the ritual, and the main enemy for his scenario would be a demon whom Sparda sealed on the Island that the castle's in, obviously trying to stop Nero because he doesn't want Sparda's son coming back, and also having some sort of a grudge against Vergil, who he can faintly sense inside Nero. In Dante's scenario, he will be on the other side, fighting through demons to get to the area where the Hell gate would be in the Human World. How Dante knows he needs to go to that specific Hell gate is up for debate, but you could easily have Nero utilize an item that lets him talk to Dante for 2 minutes and explain what he's doing. Dante's enemy would be Mundus, who is still sealed in the Demon World. Nero's scenario would be explaining his past, with appearances from Lady, who gives Nero a ride to the castle and stays guarding their escort, and Trish, who is helping Nero collect the items. Dante's personality in DMC2 doesn't need to be explained, he had a similar one in the anime but he is back to normal in DMC4, which means Dante can just get moody. Nero's past would be revealed either as Dante & Vergil's cousin (corny, I know) or as a failed clone of Vergil. Dante & Nero get 20 missions each, Trish, Lady, & Lucia each get an unlockable scenario with 5 missions.

DMC5: Vergil's Downfall (badum-tss) would start out when Vergil and Dante are 8, and would shed light on their mother's death. It would then show what happens to Vergil afterwards and how he becomes the way he was in DMC3. Nothing specific, but off the top of my head it would be based around a 15-16 year old Vergil fighting to free his lover, whom one of Sparda's old enemies has captured (Hell, if you want to add a big twist, it would be the same one that is trying to stop Nero in the plot for Dante's Return). The demon-lord took her into the demon world to use as a sacrifice for a ritual to undo the seal placed on him by Sparda. In the end, the ritual was successful, and his girl dies. Vergil then defeats him, but before he could kill him, the Demon seals himself back into the Demon World to save his life. Thus, Vergil becomes bitter and power-hungry, quoting himself in DMC3: "Might controls everything. Without it, you cannot protect anything." Also give it an epilogue after VMD mode, where you play as Nelo Angelo during DMC1.

DMC5: Sparda's Legacy would be about Sparda and his rebellion. The beginning would be about Sparda carrying out Mundus' orders to wipe out a town of Devil Hunters. He does so, but one woman escapes, and it is from then on, his mission to find and kill her. (The enemies for this part would be other demons who are rebelling against Mundus, but aren't really a threat). When he finds her, they fight with Sparda winning easily, but some vague romance stuff happens and they fall in love, with Sparda slowly turning against Mundus. Sparda Starts off with Force Edge, but along the way finds Yamato and Rebellion. Yamato behaves like it does in DMC3, but Rebellion's true form is shown to actually be a very strong Flaming Sword, available only when in the Demon World. There would be bosses that were in previous DMC games that mentioned knowing Sparda, like Beowulf. Around the time of the final confrontation with Mundus, his Demonic Orb (which holds a huge amount of demonic power and is shown to be the reason of his god-status) ends up having it's own will and imbues it's power into Force Edge, giving Sparda the sword of Sparda. blahblah, Sparda seals Mundus, blahblah seals off the demon world. And no, the woman isn't Eva, because this was 2000 years ago and Eva was human. Lets say it's Lady's ancestor whom Sparda ended up sacrificing to seal Temen-ni-gru.
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User Info: SpecterVonBaren

4 years ago#12
Jeroisourosin posted...
SpecterVonBaren posted...
I'd like to see them just man up and have the story take place after DMC2. Make it so at the start Dante is like he was in DMC2 due to some past problem he had but then have it so along the way he starts warming up again due to either people he talks with or the events surrounding whatever plot is going on. It could all lead into a moment where the fans that love the more laid back Dante shout in joy when he does something really funny and cool.

It would also allow them to change things around, DMC2 takes place a lot further down the road so it opens up the way for a lot of change to the world and the characters so the idea that they put forth about wanting the series to have new stuff put in it would still work.

This could also work

There's a lot of potential for a good story in it too. I'm not sure if it was just the island they were on but the world in DMC2 looked like the apocalypse had come and gone. There could even be symbolism with taking back the world in some way for humanity and making it alive again while Dante is also becoming more alive again at the same time. They could maybe have it so Nero is dealing with his devil arm, (I know this sounds like I'm ripping of MGS2) maybe he's been getting an echo of Vergil in his head and it's like he's trying to take over his body and he's had to fight it off for all these years and he's on his last legs by this point, maybe by taking back the world he can be saved because the more exposure to demons and the demon world the human world gets, the worse the "infection" becomes. It could even allow those that really want to see Vergil back have it for a moment where Nero is overcome by Vergil's echo and you have a boss fight with him where he fights like Vergil but you still get to keep the fact that he's dead and gone, true.
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User Info: Ink-Ribbon

4 years ago#13
If they want to make a DMC 5, this is how they should make:

1) Get rid of Nero.

2) Act like Nero didn't exist.

3) Put a decent enemy, one that could scary even Dante.

4) Please tone down Dante's trolling. He was annoying in DMC 4.

5) The game should be called Devils Never Cry, considering DMC 1 ending.

That's all.

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#14
Regardless of how much you hate him, they should at least have one more game with Nero as the main character, otherwise, what was the point of DMC4 ?
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User Info: habbox77

4 years ago#15
I've said it before and I'll say it again, DMC5 should be directly after DMC4 with Nero and Dante teaming up for the majority of the game, god knows what kind of story they'll make up but it opens the possibility of having a co-op DMC game which I really think would be an awesome idea.
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