Why does everyone hate this game?

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User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#11
LovingPacifist posted...
These days it's really hard to tell what games are worth your time and money. Obviously no one wants to spend $60 on a mediocre game, so people are very judgmental.

I love the DMC series. 3 was my favorite, I really enjoyed 4 and of course 1 is a classic. I was really looking forward to this game and I also see that it got a lot of positive reviews. But strangely enough there's so much fan backlash that I'm skeptical about gambling with the game, especially with the new Metal Gear around the corner.

Can you guys explain what's good and bad about this game? The boss fights being universally panned definitely has me concerned.

let's see: it's 6-7 hours long. Meaning it's not that long. 6 bosses, with only 2 so-so, 2 that are basically one and the same and all of them laughably easy. Game lacks replayability of old games. Dante is pretty unlikable for a quite a few people. Gameplay is fun but it's basically to different for any DMC and from what I've seen it's really very westernisized. (no lock on. wave oriented fight, etc)

User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#12
I think its the new style no one likes. Gameplay has a few flaws but not big enough to detract from the experience. Biggest one is lack of lock on. Other than that, the combat is very nice, styles have been removed but you can find several style moves factored in to the standard moveset (no royal guard though.) And Dante has 8 weapons he is able to switch between on the fly. (a record breaker for the series.) Game is a little easy though but some dont view that as a bad thing.
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  3. Why does everyone hate this game?

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