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Do you bought HD collection & DMC4 recently?

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  3. Do you bought HD collection & DMC4 recently?

User Info: tehhead

4 years ago#1
Waiting to buy DMC4 PC
And bought DMC HD after playing demo of DmC

DmC release actually boost HD & 4 alot compare to previous years lol
So i guess capcom made a profit, even though they are not from the actual release

Capcom, get your japanese team (DMC3 & 4 lead game designer) to direct the game, and you'll get your money back

User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#2
I bought DMC4 on the day DmC came out, actually. Money well spent, if I may say so.
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User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#3
I was gonna buy DMC4 but steam sale ended, so I acquired it through shady means.

I already have DMC3 and 1 for PS2, so nah, buying a PStriple for the HD collection is not happening.

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#4
I bought the HD collection last summer because I ordered it from Netflix and declined the card it was on lol, after I finished it I went and bought 4, then I looked up DMC5 and cried.
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User Info: smithkakarot

4 years ago#5
Had DMC4 for a while, got HD collection a couple weeks ago.
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta

User Info: Asellus

4 years ago#6
Waiting to buy DMC4 PC

Highly recommended, Legendary Dark Knight mode is ridiculous amounts of fun.

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

4 years ago#7
Yes. I had only played DMC1 and 2 on the PS2, and with the DmC news I had DMC on the brain so I bought the HD collection and DMC4.

User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#8
Have the intention of buying DmC, walked into the shop and ended up getting DMC HD(used) and Lollipop Chainsaw(used) instead. Had DMC4 a few years ago.

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#9
I've had the HD collection since it was released and I got DMC4 PC lately.
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  3. Do you bought HD collection & DMC4 recently?

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