i find this board kinda pathetic....

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User Info: prestodaniel

4 years ago#1
Most people here just love to bash this game for the hell of bashing it. it would be semi okay if the game was actually bad. but its really not. i had as much fun with this game as i did with DMC 3, which i personally hold as one of the best games of all time. i mean, it just seems really shallow of people to dismiss a game for reasons like " they changed dante" or " the music is crap. or his hair looks stupid" and that's all that can be said. because the gameplay is indeniably great. and its very bothersome that you people tried to declare that any score "8.0 or above" to be either a fake or a paid for review. how moronic does that even sound? it really makes me question the maturity and morale of today's gaming community. i'm sorry, but its just a game. and i love games as much as the rest of you. but i also know that games change. and are going to keep changing. we're going into a whole other generation of games. you can expect some reboots. and i hate how people that do try to defend the game get called names like "butthurt" or things like that. i enjoyed the hell out of this game and i also am crazy hyped for MGR. i had it paid off for a month already. then after that i have GOW:A, Bayo 2, LOS 2.....look. i'm just a fan of action games and it just puzzles me how people can't see DmC for the great action game that it is. i wouldn't be surprised if all of these comments below are just ignorant as crap. but i guess i should've expected that when i came to this board....

User Info: ReliusClover

4 years ago#2
Block o' text...
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User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#3
"it would be semi okay if the game was actually bad. but its really not"

I stopped reading there. The game is bad. Your opinion is bad. Next case
"FlameBaiting is like Jc on DMC, it's smooth and takes skill. A DmC pro like you would never be able to pull it off" 5hadows

User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#4
We are falling...
The night is calling...

User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#5
dont like it go to capcom unity
CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals

User Info: docman864

4 years ago#6
if you don't play this game, you ARE part of the f***ing problem.

User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#7
Be concise.
I grow tired of the foolish foolery of foolish fools.

User Info: SephirothDZX

4 years ago#8
The enter key is your friend

User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#9
You really expect anyone to read all of this, rofl.

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#10
TC looks like he's upset about something.
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  3. i find this board kinda pathetic....

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