How would Vergil know that he has a bigger d***?

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  3. How would Vergil know that he has a bigger d***?

User Info: syctheweilder

4 years ago#41
There's a lot of plot holes in the bible, but this "God" character didn't write it. It was written by a buncha old dudes long before writing was perfected as an art.

Think of it as the "alpha" for storytelling.

User Info: Varuney

4 years ago#42
fallenangel2100 posted...
Varuney posted...
natchu96 posted...
SSJ_Jin posted...
Woooowwww, I know you guys love to hate the game, but wow. If you actually think this is "terrible writing" then you're just absolutely pathetic. Please, get some real life friends. It's obvious why Vergil said that.

They would argue that real life was written poorly.

No. We would argue that real life isn't written by anything or anyone.

Then what are the church going sods supposed to beleive thats theres no bearded dude in the sky who knows all but hes still judging you and sending you to a burning hot sulfer filled fire and brimstone location yet still says he loves ya after sending you there? Lol

Let us not mention it to them, shall we? I am tired of their constant preaching about imaginary beings.
*Wubeth Intensifies*

User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#43
NeoTStyle posted...
From: SHMYazoo | #013
He realized the stupidity of the "I'm better" / "No, I'm better!" thing they were doing and sarcastically said that. I thought everyone got that, but since some people love to take things out of context in a serious way, it wouldn't surprise me if they took this seriously as well.

That's like trying to explain the laughing scene in Final Fantasy X except there really is nothing to explain with this one.

It's just terrible writing and characterization.

*buzzer sound*
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  3. How would Vergil know that he has a bigger d***?

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